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Connection to Starbucks?


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Hi everyone,

I was recently at starbucks attempting to join to their network with my pineapple..

However, when doing so, it did not provide wifi to my card, since it needs a captive portal login.

Is there any way a nano could connect to a captive portal?



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connect a connectable device (i.e. phone, laptop) to get a (your) mac address approved and then change the pineapple’s wlan2 mac address to whichever mac was just approved.

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Connect your device to wifi.(labtop smartphone ect.)

Hook up your pineapple with usb cable login to pineapple gui.

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What you could do is probably installing w3m which is a terminal application that can interact with a captive portal on an access point which in your question would be Starbucks. But since the WiFi Pineapple doesn't have enough space, it sadly cannot have all of the necessary files to set up the command. You could use a microSD card but I don't think there is any way to run a command using the WiFi Pineapple.

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