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Bash Bunny stuck on Firmware update

Mykol Es

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Hi there, just got my bash bunny in the mail the other day. 
I attempted to do an update using the Bash Bunny Updater.
Copied it to the main directory, ran the updater, was prompted for the zero key, process completed.
Everything went smoothly up until I safely ejected it and plugged it back in so the update could take effect. 
Upon plugging it in, I get the green light and then the flashing police light pattern.
At some point it simply stays solid blue for more than 20 minutes and the Bash Bunny gets extremely hot.
Hot enough to burn my hand, this doesn't seem normal.
When plugging it back into the same USB port, it does nothing.
When plugging it into a NEW USB port, it starts the sequence again.
At this point, I've tried all 3 of my laptop's USB ports.
I've attempted to do the same on my desktop computer but I get the same results... flashing police pattern...solid blue light for a long time... Bunny gets hot.
It seems to me as if the updating process could be stuck in a loop.
I've also tried to reset it, followed the "unbricking" steps and no luck, the problem persists.

Has anyone had this problem before? Any possible solutions that I have not mentioned above?


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