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Nano on Raspberry Pi 3b+


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I am trying out my new Nano on Raspberry Pi 3b+ and have issues with getting Nano online.
I have ran the wp6.sh and checked the default gateway and confirmed the ports but it ain't getting online (bulletins not updating).

Any suggestions or ideas on what I should try? Is it a Pi issue?


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Sorry What do you mean with „I am trying out my new Nano on Raspberry Pi 3b+„?

are you running the nano OS on a pi?

Hi Silma,

What I mean is that I literally connected my nano to a RPI 3B+ and set it up there. Firmware upgrade went smoothly and running wp6.sh as well but when I login to nano it ain't getting online. I can only browse the management console but nano is not online. My Pi is online but it's not thetering the internet as it should after running wp6.sh. That is the only problem atm.


see if you have a ufw firewall up, that will stop you from getting ICS from pi to nano.

I did not install ufw on my Raspbian, checked the status as well it's not there.


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