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Packet Squirrel sshfs?


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Hi all,

I find the Lan Turtle autossh and sshfs capability's very interesting, but Packet Squirrel gives more possibilities. Tried to find out if PS has sshfs, but only get references to usb flash storage (for tcpdump analysis). Does anyone know if, like lan turtle, packet squirrel can be set up to use sshfs?


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It should be able to.  They both run Openwrt so if 1 can then the other should also.  Havent tried it myself so im not totally sure.

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If by doing sshfs you mean, mounting the PS as a harddrive from a workstation using ssh, yep, it can.
just make a mount point on the workstation, and mount as usual.

sshfs packet_squirrel_ip:/ /mount/point

then you can find the PS under /mount/point. If it works the other way around, mounting the workstation as a remote drive on the PS, havent tried that .
If the PS have sshfs installed, it should. but using PS as a remote drive does work, so editing payloads, is pretty easy :)

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