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Bluetooth sound disabler?

Guest uk-pete

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Guest uk-pete

Hi there,

I'm from the UK and I dunno if you guys get the same thing over there but i'll try and picture the scene ... its Monday morning and you've been up pretty late playing counter strike (boom! head shot!) the night before and, like me, you have to use public transport to get to work. That in itself is pretty bad you'd think ... ohh no! this little kid has taken it upon himself to use his mobile (cell) phone to play music ON LOUD SPEAKER on a tram full of people!!!! :evil:

Having watched the latest ep of H5 the night before it got me thinkin. How to deliver a payload to a phone via bluetooth to disable the sound? I don't want to damage the phone but to disable the sound for a while to keep my sanity on the tram and have a little enjoyment at the expense of an annoying noob at the same time :wink:

Does anyone have nay ideas?


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