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The 100$ mistake made by me.


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So I think I throw 100$ out of the window when i pull my wifi pineapple of my PC when it was updating and when I realised my mistake I plugged it in.

I saw the LED twitch a little bit and after 3 secondes blank and the led goes OFF, I've waited 10minutes and plugged it right back, Same.

I was heartbroken was I obligated to Factory Reset everything.

Plugged it in, right after the led blink I press RESET button for 7 sec has they say, this time the light stay on but doesn't do anything at all just sit there like a chair.

I did it 3 times and know I try to force RESET, I've openned it to check Inside ( never done before ) but nope no secret button for FORCE RESET.

So now I'm out of idea, 

so if someone got one, please help my dumb ass.

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