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This Is A Waste Of Moeny


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Dont Buy this shit if your new to it and a noob at this kind of stuff i made the mistake of doing it anyway and not a single payload works i tryed 4 and the wifi pineapple is the same thing and i dont think i can even refund this so waste of 200$ thanks hak5

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Whoa!!! Take it easy, my man. Which payloads did you try? You can't say not a single payload works after trying 4 payloads out of the 50 or so. I haven't used the pineapple so I can't comment on it but I personally like the BB if for nothing else than the educational journey.

Most of the payloads DO work but some are probably being blocked by your AV or windows defender. Account privileges or execution policy could also prevent some of the payloads or scripts from "working". A lot of the payloads also need to be configured. It doesn't mean you need to know how to code but at least read the "readme" file for instructions. Try using some of the payloads outside the "credentials" folder... some of those actually don't work anymore for obvious security reasons.

We're all new to this kind of stuff so take the opportunity to explore it and learn a few things along the way.

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Pineapple still has it's uses, if you know what you're doing ....

It's not a (toy) device that you can just plug-in and watch it work, no. As mentioned above, you have to make configurations to get modules working and it helps to know some coding languages, like PHP for example.

If you bought the device out of sheer ignorance based off what you saw someone else do and not knowing how to replicate or improve, then perhaps you did waste your money or you can take the time to properly learn from it.


Regarding BB, THIS LITTLE THING IS AWESOME. Sure, some payloads are deprecated but doesn't mean they can't be revived by editing the code. If you don't know how to do that, then obviously it won't work. Majority of the payloads that came with it by default are detected by Windows (shit) Defender and some popular anti-virus software. You need to code the payload to evade detection where possible. Even so, it's not required for you to use the resources publicly available. You can make your own and test things out without sharing ?

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Sounds to me someone has not a clue how to use the equipment they have purchased.  Maybe you should do some research and knwo what your buying and what it's intended purpose is.  All of their equipment works and does their jobs well.  And all are still very useful in most environments.  Also, if it does not do what you expect,.  You can develop modules to do what you need.  

Don't be a click skiddy...

Oh, and FYI, I have used and still use the pineapple, bunny, ducky and squirrel in corporate environments to test and validate.

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