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Which interface to use?


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Hi all,

I have a running Nano with an additional Wifi dongle on wlan2 (client mode). So every device that's connected to my Nano has internet access over wlan2. In several modules you have to specify an interface to use, for example Deauth, p0f, urlsnarf, etc. Which interface should I use? I mean, if every device has accessing the internet goes through wlan2, then that interface should be the one to use, right? And when to use br-lan for example?


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some modules require the interface to have an IP. e.g. DNSSpoof.  If you’re wlan2 isnmt connected to anything, then brlan is your best option. I’ve come to understand is as this:

brlan: EVERYTHING that runs through the pineapple. Admin wifi, client, loopback, ect..

wlan0-1: Admin wifi

wlan0: client wifi

wlan1: pineAP, the sniffer master wireless that’s out romaing the ether.

wlan2: the usb port in the back. If you split this via usb hub you get wlan2-1; wlan2-2, ect..

loo: loopback, still kind of an enigma for me... It’s ‘meh’ when I think of what to sniff

eth: I think it’s everything that’s not loopback or brlan

/grain of salt

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