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DVD Title Screens


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I got a new TV for Christmas with a built in DVD player, which i hooked up to a pc so I can watch movies and music through it. After using it for a few days im starting to get a bit cheesed off with turning the pc on and waiting for it to start up ever time i want to listen to some mp3's. Then it hit me that I could burn a DVD with a tonne of mp3s on it.

The question i put to you guys is: do you know of any free software which i can create a title screen/menu for the DVD so i can browse it easily. (ive tried google but didn't come up with anything)

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Nero 7


Shit freeware lol, umm u could get the nero7 trial ^_^.

lol pretty much and DVD authring soft will allow u to add Mp3's as tracks, which then allow for a menu to be created (all good Authering soft have a menu creater) umm its late and im a little tipsy so ill look for a freeware version later in the morning for u.

im assuming windows XP?

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I never used a DVD for audio before myself. Does the DVD player explicitly state it supports it? If it does, it's nothing more than writing all your MP3s to the disk for a regular data DVD. You might want to read up on what quality the DVD player will accept. I've been told that 192 kb/s CBR MP3 are the highest quality that is pretty much guaranteed to play on anything. Everything higher might cause some hardware to barf on it. YMMV.

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If the DVD player will do mp3 than just copy the mp3 files over to dvdr and let it do the menuing. Trust me you dont want to get into building a menu from scratch, and even then you'll be encoding mp3 files to pcm audio on the disc and wont be able to hold nearly as many tracks.

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