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Are Raspberry Pi's supported


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3 hours ago, Just_a_User said:

I seem stuck Updating to 1.1.1 - watching on the Pi i see the terminal still has Running Cloud C2.

I'm gonna re-download

Auto updates are currently unavailable for the arm version - unfortunately there isn't a way to detect which arm version the binary was compiled for right now, which is why we can't auto download.

We'll release a fix for this shortly.

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On 10/6/2018 at 3:12 AM, Sebkinne said:

Yup, this is also in the works!

Hey there...

Is this already possible? Is there a build to create a drop device out of my raspi‘s? Or is it only the Raspi server?

Looking forward to get these integrated as well 😃


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The issue with the BYOD is right now if they did offer something it would just be reverse shell into the device.  The reason the Pineapple has more options mainly because it has an API that they can talk to and they already have the code for the interface so I can see it just being a reverse tunnel with the C2 speaking to the API.

So...I would say if you want the C2 to support your device or something on your device...give Hak5 something to interface with like an app.  Now, say you want to interface with the Raspberry pi version of Kismet which has an API.  That would give them some target.  Just having it connect to a Pi would be the same as just setting up your own reverse SSH since Hak5 has no product for the Raspberry Pi except for the C2 server itself.

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