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Just a Few Questions


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Hi Guys,

Great job on putting together another interesting product. I've just finished watching the recorded livestream and have not tested the software yet, but I do have some questions before I walk into a meeting tomorrow where this platform is bound to be discussed. 

  • Can you adjust how often the devices callback to the C2 server? If not, how often does this transaction occur?
  • I noticed that http and https is a supported callback protocol when Darren was setting up the server in the video. Is there also support for DNS? I thought I might have heard Seb mention it.
  • What happens if the C2 server crashes? Must all the devices be reloaded with a new config file or is there a recovery mechanism? Asking for those cases where it may or may not be possible to re-enter the target location?

If I'm thinking about everything above in an erroneous fashion, please forgive my ignorance. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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I might be able to answer a few of your questions 

Yes you can adjust the client call back time in settings 

You set the options at launch --listenip --hostname (dns) -https  


Each device setup is super easy   download config scp to device /etc/ 



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