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Just bought NANO. Is there a difference in using the USB-Y cable or just using the USB connector directly attached?


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Hi All,

This is my first forum post because I just bought the NANO. So in the guide book is says to plug the TWO ends of the USB into a computer. I was able to access and update the firmware on my nano by just connecting ONE of the USB ports. 

What is the difference between using the 2 port USB-Y and the default USB port?

Are there certain features of the NANO that only work with the double plug? 

Any details about USB connections to the NANO would be appreciated.



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the usb y cable is to power the device and access to the webui.  The reason it is a y cable is because one single usb port is not enough power to keep the nano going under heavy loads.  Many problems occur if you underpower the device.  5v2a is the output you want for the nano.  anything below that will cause the nano to not function properly.

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