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2 weeks still not able to get client to connect to my open ap


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hey any or ideas of what im over looking im super new at kali still getting used to the cmd line but im trying my best any tips on were to go for help with understanding that would be nice as well i bought the pineapple nano usb ducky and the lan turtle and so far ive only tried to configure the pineapple nano unsuccessfully for the whole 2 weeks ive tried re flashing my framware and rebooting. i have the wps6.sh ive used ifconfig every witch way i think is possible im trying to config eth0 (pineapple nano) to connect to my main 2.4g internet connection on wlan0 my internet does have a wpa2 password set but im currently connected to wifi at the time of this  when i run the wps6.sh when i do the Guided(G) option i match up all the numbers on eth0 to match what wlan0 is displaying in ifconfig also try to do something like this in the pineapple s interface via networking seting and the top box has blank boxs asking for the defult rute for the following bl lan eth0 wlan0 and wlan1 i pro made no sense at all but trying to get all this out in one form

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Just want to clear a few things up, pardon me if you're already aware:

  • The wp6.sh script will bridge the network connection on your laptop to your pineapple.
  • In order to directly connect your pineapple to a wireless network as a client, you will need to either use a USB-connected radio or use one of the radios on the pineapple which will interfere with some of it's functions.
  • To get clients connected to the pineapple with a Karma attack, you need to ensure that you have your filters set correctly, "enable associations" is allowed in the PineAP tab, and "beacon responses" are enabled in the PineAP tab
    • To set your pineapple to attack all nearby clients with the Karma attack, you need to set the client filters to Deny mode (this means all MAC's in the filter will be denied access, if the filter is empty, no clients are denied / all clients are allowed). Keep in mind, this may grab clients you didn't intend.
    • To successfully execute a Karma attack on the client, it needs to have an open network in it's remembered network history.

Hopefully that helps.


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On 9/24/2018 at 5:24 AM, cryptoxhanger said:

ok i rebooted my pineapple and thanks guys i know im a total rookie and im thankfull for the time yall are taken to get me on the right track so i just rebooted and reconfg my  pineapple interface and this time in the filter setting under mac filter for clients i put in disabled and the same for the ssid filter befor i had it in mac filter on and ssid off okay set up my settings again and im going to  try to connect in the interface then run my script wp6.sh


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