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Is there a Dark theme for the web interface?


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Thanks mate! So if I want to modify all the text including drop-downs, pretty much every text in this type of blue ( #306EFF ) should I replace all the #c6c6c6 values with #306EFF like how I have mine here? This is the main.css.. I tried looking at bootstrap.css but not sure which color values to change. Any help would be much appreciated ?

Also once I'm done modifying the colours on the github file would I have to send a request to the owner of the file (yourself) to approve the changes since not sure it won't let me write to the file? So basically it creates a fork project with my changes and you get to approve it?


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What I would do is this:

  • Find an element with the colour you want to change on a page. As an example I'll use an orange button.
  • Right click on the element with the colour and select "Inspect Element", then find the background colour of the object (I'll use the classic orange #FFA500 as orange).
  • Go to the unminified CSS file and do a 'Find and Replace' using Notepad++ or something and put #FFA500 as the 'Find' and 'Replace' it with whatever hex you would like. I think you wanted #306EFF, so use that.
  • Save the file and it should be good to go.

If you find there are variations of the colour you replaced (e.g. a darker orange for highlights or something) then just repeat the above process.

That's what I would do. It's quite time consuming sometimes, though.

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As @Dave-ee Jones said you can inspect element and change that elements' color and other properties. You can take advantage of newer versions of Chrome using local override for easier theme editing.

If you'd like to contribute a theme you can fork the repository then apply your changes to your forked repository, then you can submit a pull request after.

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