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Bulletins - most recent bulletin - Aug 18, 2016 - where's the more recent ones??


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When I click Load Bulletins from the Dashboard the most recent one is from 2016. Not sure why it's not listing more recent ones from 2018.

Also even though the blue LED is solid most of the time it blinks every now and then and then goes solid again for a while then after a few minutes it blinks again then goes solid again and stays solid for most of the time. Is that normal? is that due to network traffic it's detecting?

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2 minutes ago, LivingL393nd said:

I see. thanks for the update ?

Also regarding the LED light that blinks every now and then, is it normal? It stays solid for majority of the time and only does a 1 split second blink every minute or so. Does it have to stay solid 100% of the time? Is the blinking from network traffic?

Nothing to worry about, yeah. It's responding to WiFi, ethernet, and other type of events ?

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