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OpenVPN Access Server Iptables


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Hello there!

I'm diving into something that probably i shouldn't be.... I have basic understanding of networking but that's pretty much it.

I have few questions about a project that im trying to implement at work.

First of all, let me explain my goal.

The company I work for builds and install all kind of water treatment machines that can end up anywhere on the globe. Managing all the connections needed is pretty complicated. We need to get a fixed ip address from the client ISP, we need a bunch of port forwarding so i can vpn access the industrial controller in the machine (via l2tp vpn server in the machine cabinet), ports for ssh, VNC servers ETC...

What i was thinking is using Openvpn access server hosted on a aws instances to route all the traffic of the machines thru the server via a router in the machine cabinet and the autologin enabled. That way, i wouldn't need any networking task to do at the client site. As far as creating an instance, installing OpenVPN access server and connecting a client everything works fine. But for the rest, i'm completely in the dark...

So I will end up with multiple machines connected to the OpenVPN Server on aws and will be assigned static ips. All of them i need route to ssh into each machine and route for vnc server. This is where I get stuck. I wanted something like having a range of ports on the openvpn server for the ssh and another range of ports for the vnc servers. So i could contact the OpenVPN Server on its public ip specifying a port that is assigned to one machine and be routed to this machine.

I don't know if it make sense. English is not my first language.

Thank you very much!

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