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cyber escape room


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Here's what I have in mind after giving it 30s of thinking time:

  • Setup a LAN with WiFi, DNS, DHCP and web server
  • Set WiFi SSIDs as hints to things around the room or something else
  • Put WiFi passwords and maybe even URLs (DNS entries pointing to webpages) around the room, hidden ofc.
  • The webpages can hide more hints, clues or provide passwords even to other things around the room
  • Login pages with passwords lying around etc.
  • Network traffic, they have to request a certain URL for a door to open but they don't know what it is (router goes, "oh they tried to go to www.google.com let's open the door")

Other ideas that could make them cyber-aware:

  • NFC tags (get them to clone the tag with their phone or another device hidden around the room)
    • For example, there are 2 doors or readers that need to be activated at the same time but they only have the 1 tag
  • Voice Control (smart home)
    • Talk to Siri hiding behind a wall somewhere and ask her to open a door? I don't know..
  • Have a locked computer somewhere they need to hack into? Make it easy, obviously.

Hope these spark some more ideas!

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