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rails, web browser development interface.


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im looking for a web browser ide that i could run from my current rails app that will provide a sublime-text style interface. currently my solution involves  coding this myself ?

this is turning into a time consuming project before i even get to start my actual project. i hope to find suggestions that work out of the box for my rubyonrails/linux server.


it wont be a hard thing to do for a very basic file editor, but trying to incorporate all the basic needs and features like undo, file backup create new files, or session management.

god the list could go on for days.




so far i have 2 plug-ins that will do the majority of the work. jquery.treeView and Ace-Code-editor...

both of these would provide the basic look i need for a sublime-text environment ... but im struggling to implement treeView with rails...


any tips suggestions or ruby on rails fans have input. i appreciate your help.

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