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Calling for Global Security Experts—Attend DoraHacks & Security Chain Hackathon and Win a Huge Award!

Security Chain

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Security is one of the most important and pressing issues in the Blockchain industry. Including security of bottom layer code, cryptographic algorithms, consensus mechanism, smart contracts, digital wallets, and exchanges, every layer of security problems will cause huge impacts and potential economic losses for the industry and users.

To help maintain the secure environment of Blockchain industry, associated with Security Chain, DoraHacks determined to launch the first Blockchain Security Hack in Beijing, China on October, 13th. This event is also supported by leading global bitcoin exchange OKEx and Blockchain risk investment fund BA Capital.

How it works
Afternoon of October 13th, Beijing (Venue and schedule to be confirmed)
DoraHacks Security Workshop
Blockchain Security Keynote Speech & Pre-match Training Guide
All day on October, 14th, Beijing (Venue and schedule to be confirmed)

To further encourage security support makers and talented hackers to build awesome security contributions for Blockchain, we’re therefore excited to announce the event. For a precious opportunity to meet the pros and win huge prize, please join us as soon as possible!
? Please hurry and sign up here

What is DoraHacks Hackathon
DoraHacks is a global hackathon organizer with mission is to connect the top hackers around the world. 100 top security hackers will be selected from 500 candidates for a time trial for multiple Blockchain security challenges in teams.
What is Security Chain
Security Chain is the world’s first decentralized security defense system. It builds security ecological circle consisting of security elites, top hackers and white hats in the world through Blockchain technology and financial incentives, allowing everyone to contribute to the security forces. It has become an indispensable support for major exchanges, wallets, and Blockchain projects. 

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