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Format PC with a Bunny


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Heya all, 

I haven't purchased a bash bunny yet.  I'm looking for a specific application and am not sure if it's capable.  

1st.  Preferred: plug and play format of any PC.  I'm wanting the ability to plug the bunny in and have a task sequence auto execute that would format a Windows or Apple OS without the opportunity to cancel the process.

2nd is it possible? Plug and play the bunny and cause a spinning disk hard drive to up the RPM of the drive burning it and or the ability to up the voltage of the SATA /NVMe port destroying the drive. 


Has anyone heard of anything like this? 

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I don't think you can increase the RPM of the hard drives though it would trigger failsafes or just wouldn't have that much power coming from its power source.

Though I would like to suggest a similar attack, although it does not target HDD's specifically. You could use USB Kill to damage their computers to an unusable state, this device maybe could damage the motherboard, hard drives, and ssd's. 

I'm not sure if @Sebkinne allows this kind of device/attack here though. You can remove this anytime master Seb.

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Yeah let's not jump into the topic of other vendors devices. However what I can say about the USB Kill as I have one it's that the power regulators on most PCs will trip and allow a restart. After that first restart I've never found a pc to last a second hit.  However cars, TVs, Cell Phones are all toasted. Again I don't want to discuss this item in length, but I've had one for sometime. I keep it in my Lil container with my other USB drives just encase it's lost or stolen. ?

I know you can ramp up the speed of a platter as I've seen it done in person.  An I guess mentor of mine, and the person who probably led me down this road of grey / white hat was a Navy Seal trained in info sec and penetration. I know sounds like a made up jacket story but true.  He had written a script of some sort that locked the screen with a GIF while at the same time and within moments the disk spun to a very high speed literally burning or etching the disk. We took it apart afterwards so he could show me.  However I was around 12 at the time and I'm now 34... Where he's at who knows, but I've seen it done and I've been chasing that drain for a long time.  ?


sorry again for discussion on the other product, but no it wouldn't serve my purpose as it hits the power regulator then MB. I've never seen damage to a disk which is what I'm looking for.  Again even a simple automated format would serve as a supplement.  But through collaboration.  ?

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Well I'm a little closer.  This states that viruses from decades ago could cause the head to bump against the inside of the case damaging the drive.  However the answer was that manufacturers create more robust drives now. In the case of a spinning disk a more robust drive shouldn't matter. It sounds like to me there's just better firmware to control these types of incidents or the lack of available area that the head can move to.  


Any thoughts maybe on super stress testing? Maybe working in the area around AAM/APM.


I'm on a mission.  Lol I very much want to buy a Bash Bunny but only if I know it'll fit a few different applications I'm interested in.  I can't seem to find much feedback on other functionality other than quick payload distribution to obtain credentials and back doors.  


I want to test the stability of our machines for testing purposes only.  ?

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Haha, the last report of a "real" virus was ages ago.  What we see today is not really viruses as I call it as it is more like infectious malware.  Viruses back in my day (now I am sounding old) could load itself outside fat, boot sectors and could corrupt drive contents.  The drive itself could be damaged if the virus knew how to write to the bios of that drive or cause it to do some erratic things through assembly interrupts that could cause surface damage.  Also, back then viruses actually acted like viruses by patching themselves to executables, having incubation periods and even some being polymorphic.  Now, we just have malware, agents and C&Cs.


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For your question:
Bash bunny is basically a linux arm computer in usb form, with some nice switching and scripting baked in.  If you've looked into something like a USB Armory, it's basically the same thing but specialized OS, scripting and switching options built in.

Anything you can do with a USB connected computer (network over usb, flash storage, usb keyboard are some of the primary emulation options).  The biggest options for attacks are basically providing a network and attacking over that protocol or usb keyboard and operating in the same way a usb rubber ducky does.  It's a 1000x better than just a usb rubber ducky imo because you have a full arm linux computer controlling it. 

So if you can do what you are looking to do from the keyboard of the system or over a network connection (where the ducky can be dhcp, dns servers and more) then you can make the bunny work for you.


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I bet that would do it!  Awesome idea. This is why it's good to ask questions in an active community.  Awesome input and ideas.  Again I've been split on which to buy, but I'm 99.99999% sure I could execute dban through the bunny with probably very little added syntax commands to push it.

I already have a pretty good idea I'm going to get the ducky too. Lol The more tools you have....  It'll get figured out one way or another.  I did figure out in theory the process I'd be able to take to wipe a Windows 10 box back to the base image, but that's only 10,and it's not a format. 

Good show, and thanks again!  I'll update after in a few weeks (variable based on shipping) what results I come up with. 

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