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do not use kali linux cobra edition 4.3 PLEASE READ

l3x luth0r

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I installed the new kali and found a few weird things happen 

Hello theres a port leak off 85665 udp on a arpa dod  tor feed I dont know if its just me but I

noticed it right away and its not letting me tor out to nexus 6 any more i am blacked and banned

mac port address i switch the address and use a wifi hack but it doenst matter it still gets banned 

there using a GPS  4 point cell signal and locking on my devices and thats not black hat stuff thats

federal stuff I am in alot of trouble PS L3X LUTHOR L3GION OF DOOM YEP NOT A JOKE 2001 

back again good ole chucky xavier.

so it could be somthing else of my cable modem got banned but i firmwared it is it time to buy a new one  








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Ya start with ubuntu or debian and download what ya need an add on to it. In my country peyote is legal

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