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Would one of these be an ideal Tetra power supply?


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No, completely unnecessary as every 2x5v2.4Amp USB-Powerbank (I prefer the Anker ones - as many do) is sufficient. Do the math: 2.4*5= 12w times 2 equals 24w which is more than enough for every load on the tetra (18w max).
Note that you have to use two USB-Ports even if one of them is labeled as 18w, because the Tetra doesnt support QC3.0 with 12volts.

So spending 30$/€ is more than enough. Better get 3 of them instead of a jump starter (which usually have terrible quallity in terms of electronic engineering)

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over powering the 5v on a tetra or nano will not harm it.  the device will only draw what it needs.  Ive been using a 5v3.4a x2 battery for over a year and no problems. plus it works great with pi3 also.

Do Not go over the recommend 12v 2a though.  That has been known to blow silicone.

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one would do but 2 would be longer life.  make it simple....   1 usb port at 5v2.4a . that is 12watts.  So 2 would be 24watts which is just right for the tetra.  the only limitation you would have is how long the battery lasts.  if you get 2, youll have double the battery life.  you can use all 4 ports with 2 y cables to get a max of 48watts to the device.  I know that sounds like a lot but, the tetra on a 5v power supply will only draw what it needs, so over powering the 5v is not a problem.  Whatever you do, DO NOT over power the 12v system, it will fry the power chip.

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On 3/14/2019 at 6:32 AM, merlin20302 said:

Thanks for the Answer but how should i overpower it if it only draws what it Needs?

Im so confused :3


a 12v power supply that is over 12v2amp

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