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Hey to all, I am here and can't wait to be growing and evolving along with you all.


Thanks a ton and I have been beyond happy with everything I've seen from the Hak5 team and community!!!

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My name is Jack,  I am of the lowest intelligence to ever hack anything 🙂

I can break into any computer, depending on the size hammer I have!!

My experience is with radio communications, WiFi hardware, HF Digital Radio etc.

A user of Windows and Mac O/S etc.

I have a simple task for a product I need to help me in WiFi range testing etc…….




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Hello, world!
I'm goodTimes, I have been fascinated with computers and hacking for a long time, but always felt it was above my paygrade. Then a whole bunch of shenanigans aligned and I ended up winning a WiFi Pineapple MKVII at DEFCON. This inspired me  I decided to get my head out of my ass and start learning.

I love using the MKVII to illustrate to friends the importance of good security.

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Favourite game: Pong

Favourite OS: DOS

Favourite console: Intellivision

Nationality: Aussie

Accent: Coast

Sex: Male

Age: 37

Race: Scandi

Height: 6"

Status: On Market

Build: Extreme

Favourite band: 2216MHz

Favourite book: Without Remorse

Favourite author: Tom Clancy

Favourite movie: Hackers

Favourite director: Darren Kitchen

Favourite TV Show: MR Robot

Favourite actor: Chuck Norris

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Pinup: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Comedian: Donald Trump

Other hobbies: Chicks that click

Car: Nissan

Occupation: H4K3R

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