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To you a must 


      I just started helping people out there most dont know anything about what they do just abuse constantly, I've helped everyone my brain thinks eletronics more then software but understand them both accurately ill try fail look at everyones mistakes and go back and accomplish my goal. Once thought of myself as a ghostbuster of the computer world for many years it just felt as i was removing demon code from Windows which eventually brought me over to linux backtrack5 homage for the deceased. 

Favorite game: frontier first encounters andyj and ittiz mod. 

Favorite console: Hacked

Favorite Phone : Psp phone (ROOTED)

Favorite OS: Kali, I had to break it hundreds of times to fix it once. Started with backtrack 5 in early 2007. Got my start with that blue xp acer netbook everybody came to love.

Nationality: NewAmericaCitizen

Sex: Dolphin (as of late 2019)

Age: The top (on my way down now)

Height: Average

Status: Alive barely

Build: 2.0 My greatest version yet.

Favorite band: 2.4ghz

Favorite book: Open Without a cover 

Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Book by Richard Bach.

Favorite movie: Aristocats (Cartoon)

Favorite TV Show: Rugrats (Cartoon)

Studies:html5, css3, javascript, linux fundamentals, Mastering linux, fortran, Cisco CCNA (outdated) but been keeping up with technologies.

hobbies: fail fixing things that are not broken and changing the world one computer at a time through trial error knowledge Truth & understanding.






Car: does not help the situation 

Occupation: Freethinker To Death I Part.





         (!   vnnv   !) 


ps. I see back about 11 yrs in fourm remebre things change in computers every 3-6 months  and networking tech 5-10 yrs its been along time people hak5 has to change this is the way of the world 5g is almost here as of 11/15/2019 tonight and wifi 6 is here also everything needs to update and people need to get back to studying so the community does not stop and die. Im leaving to go learn more.

laterz fam


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My name is TFG or The Fat Guy

Favourite game: Dues Ex series
Favourite OS: XP 
Favourite console: PS2 (Favorite current is the PS4)
Nationality: USA
Accent: English Mid Western
Sex: Male 
Race: White 
Height: 6"3'
Build: Fat obviously
Favourite band: Blink 182
Favourite book: The Long Hard Road Out of Hell
Favourite author: Todd McFarlane
Favourite movie: Hackers (because it introduced me to my 2 favorite actors Jonny Lee Miller and Matthew Lillard) 
Favourite director: Kevin Smith 
Favourite TV Show: Face Off
Favourite actor: Jonny Lee Miller
Favourite actress: Kat Dennings
Favourite Pinup: Riae
Favourite Comedian: Ralphie May
Other hobbies: Writing, painting, sucking at Apex Legends
Car: 69 Nova
Occupation: Student

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Hello ! well Im 53 and I like to play with Linux and windows 10 among others lol! I know right .

Im a human-being .

I like to tinker with hardware.

I like to install OS's mainly the setup of formatting and the getting them to boot up in different configurations

Trying to learn the command in Linux ( bash )

i was on DOS in the late 80's and Luved it but life got in the way.

And being the Cavalier that I am I left that behind and jumped head long in to life , but now there's ARCH ! ha HA!

Any-who thats all folks, remember 42=The Ultimate Question of Life , the Universe, and Everything .

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Name: Ojax

Occupation: None as of yet...

Favorite Game: I don't have one!

Favorite Movie: Matrix Trilogy, All of Marvel, Fight Club.

Favorite TV Show: Friends, TBBT, Mr Robot.

Favorite Book: The Famous Five.

Age: 18-ish...

Favorite Programming Language: HTML (P.S.: Just Kidding, C++ and Python).

Other Hobbies: Drumming, Writing, Reading.

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Hi all, long time lurker. I'm an IT professional and have been watching the various YT videos for a few years now.

I like the "present yourelf" thing you're having, but I'll just keep it to this VS listing my secret answers favorite things! 😉 

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Evening All

A new member from the northern part of the uk, from the north of England and  pretty new to Cyber Security in general.

About 10 years ago in college I studied networking and systems management but then got offered jobs outside the IT field.
I've decided to enroll in some online courses (mainly udemy, but feel free to recommend others) and gain some knowledge and maybe one day a job in Cyber Security.

Looking forward to being an active member of the forums, please say hello 🙂 

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My name is Kilo.  a.k.a Ddanraks

Favourite game: Soul Reaver
Favourite OS: Kali
Favourite console: Nintendo original
Accent: English
Sex: NB
Height: 6"
Build: Lean
Favourite band: none
Favourite book: The Gambit
Favourite author: David Eddings
Favourite movie: Cloud Atlas
Favourite TV Show: none
Favourite actor: Keanu Reaves
Favourite actress: Scarlet Johanson
Favourite Pin-up: Christin Hindrix
Car: shellby
Occupation: Industrial God

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Jst a normal Joe, interested in learning new things got interested in hacking and Jst wana know more deeply about it, and some one suggested this fourm so I'm Jst a noob here bt I'm looking to learn and need some advice on any kind of tool for finding working  proxy servers in differnt locations if anyone can help pls lme know! 

Thanks and cheers to all 

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