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My name is James Paker

Favourite game: Dota 2, Spiderman

Favourite OS: Windows

Favourite console: PS

Nationality: UK.

Sex: Male.

Birth date: 15. 40. 88

Height: 5'6".

Status: Single.

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones

Favourite director:  James Cameron

Favourite TV Show: TWD, GOT

Favourite actor: Christian Bale

Favourite actress: Gal Gadot 

Other hobbies: Pool, Games

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My name is Nik

Favourite game: zelda ocorina of time. All them(besides the side scrolling one on snes)
Favourite OS: still looking
Favourite console: Dreamcast
Nationality: American idiot
Sex: Male 
Race: White 
Favourite band: Korn
Favourite book: the illuminatus triligy
Favourite author: douglas adams
Favourite movie: montey python hunt the holy grail
Favourite director: Kevin Smith 
Favourite TV Show: southpark
Favourite actor: dude who played Kramer. Before he was kramer
Favourite actress: tiania lyn
Favourite Pinup: betty boob
Favourite Comedian: donald trump
Other hobbies: ESO
Car: toyota rv
Occupation: bum

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Name: Tibo 

Favourite game: steam says either Skyrim or Fallout 4
Favourite OS: Arch
Favourite console: Since i only have an XBOX... 
Nationality: Rich (Swiss)
Accent: Even Richer (Dialect of Zürich)
Sex: Male
Age: 36
Race: Breton-Nord
Height: To small to become a super model => Occupation
Build: Too many tasty beers to becom a super model.
Favourite music: Irish republican folk, proper metal.
Favourite book: I'm a simple guy, as long as it dystopic or hard sci-fi, i probably like it.
Currently reading: QualityLand by Marc-Uwe Kling. Funny as hell dystopic sci-fi, the guy read some parts at a CCC Congress once. 
Other hobbies: Photography, Hiking, riding my way to good MTB
Occupation: PCB designer, electronics engineer.

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My name is Dallas a.k.a 0rion 

Favourite game: i don't play games i'm 100% serious 60% of the time, 007 golden eye
Favourite OS: Debian 
Favourite console: Raspberry Pi 3 N64 
Accent: Canadian 
Sex: Male 
Race: Earthling 
Height: 5"8'
Build: Muscular 
Favourite band: April Wine 
Favourite book: currently : The Charisma Myth
Favourite author: Rhonda Byrnes. 
Favourite movie: Fight club 
Favourite director: Kevin Smith 
Favourite TV Show: The Curse of Oak Island
Favourite actor: Edward Norton 
Favourite actress: Jennifer Garner
Favourite Pinup: Jennifer Lawrence 
Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook
Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, diving, climbing and shooting (range/ clay pigeon). 
Car: Ford F-150 Lariat 
Occupation: Single Dad

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My name is Mike a.k.a Sconos

Favourite game: Have not played in years, when I was playing, MMORPG, Asheron's Call (before WOTC)
Favourite OS: Centos, but coming to appreciate Debian
Favourite console: none
Nationality: American
Accent: Boston ... hahvad yaad!
Sex: Male
Race: Human Being
Height: 6"1'
Build: Average
Favourite band: 70's, Zepplin,
Favourite book: SciFi - Anything by Heinlien
Favourite author: Heinlien, Asimov
Favourite movie: In the past - any John Wayne, lately Guardian's  
Favourite director: don't care
Favourite TV Show: SNL
Favourite actor: John Wayne, Matt Damon
Favourite actress: Jennifer Lawrence
Favourite Pinup: Wendy Whoppers
Favourite Comedian: Lewis Black, George Carlin
Other hobbies: 60's Era Mucle Cars, family,
Car: Weekdays, Ford F150, weekends, 66 Mustang
Occupation: general geek

Hello World!!!

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My name is Sigk1ll17

Favourite game: *hard question…* but currently Duke Nukem World Tour and looking forward to dropping some more time in RDR2

Favourite OS: Kali Linux

Favourite console: Playstation 2

Nationality: US

Accent: Technerd

Sex: Male

Age: Older than the modern internet!

Race: White American

Height: 5’11

Status: Booting up

Build: Nerd

Favourite band: The Prodigy

Favourite book: The Hacker Playbook 3

Favourite author: Too many to think of just one right now

Favourite movie: Evil Dead 2/Hackers/Pulp Fiction

Favourite director:  Tarantino among quite a few

Other hobbies: Playing inside Kali Linux, collecting Pcaps

Car: 2011 Nissan Rogue

Occupation: Cyber Security Instructional Design

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Hi I'm Soatok! I'm a furry who streams infosec / open source stuff on Twitch.

Favorite game: Tetris Attack!
Favorite OS: Debian
Favorite console: PlayStation 4
Nationality: American
Accent: No idea
Sex: Male
Race: Dhole (Cuon Alpinus)
Height: 6'3"
Build: Fluffy
Favorite band: Foxes and Peppers
Favorite book: Serious Cryptography
Favorite author: Paul Lockhart
Favorite movie: 300
Favorite director: No idea
Favorite TV Show: Mr. Robot (I like it unironically ok?)
Favorite actor: None
Favorite actress: None
Favorite Pinup: What
Favorite Comedian: George Carlin
Other hobbies: Drawing furry art, writing software, community management, reading
Car: None (visually impaired; no desire to risk my life driving)
Occupation: Cryptography Engineer

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Hi, I'm Glytch. I'm...a lot of things.

Favorite Game: Lately, Drone Racing League

Favorite OS: Whatever lets me get the most work done today.

Favorite Console: N/A

Nationality: US

Accent: Varied

Sex: That one

Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway.

Height: 5' 8"? Been a while

Build: ...Lets go with lean, that sounds better than scrawny

Favorite band: Don't have one!

Favorite book: The one that helped me solve my most recent problem

Favorite author: See above

Favorite movie: Short Circuit (1&2) or Summer Wars or Arrival or...

Favorite Director: Dunno!

Favorite Actor/Actress: I'm bad at names

Favorite Pinup: I have some really cool exploded views and diagrams of aircraft, does that count?

Favorite Comedian: See: Favorite Actor/Actress

Other hobbies: Drones, 3d printing, robots, gaming, CAD, electronics design, cars, @#$@W23ds3F[BUFFER OVERFLOW]

Car: $460 (not a typo) BMW 325i....aaaand its a SULEV with fuel supply issues. F to pay respects

Occupation: Uuuuuh ??

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My name is lyub

Favourite game: dont have (picky)

Favourite OS: Anything

Favourite console: xbox 360

Nationality: ukrainian

Accent: ukrainian/

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Race:  white

Height: 6 2 it think

Status: forever a dreamer

Build: good enough

Favourite band: plot in you

Favourite book: 12 rules for life

Favourite author: none

Favourite movie: none

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: regular show

Favourite actor: Pual walker

Favourite actress: venessa huggens

Favourite Pinup: non

Favourite Comedian: joy koy

Other hobbies: non

Car:  totyota

Occupation: alive

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I bought the WiFi pineapple nano tactical, and the book. I read the book and watched dozens of videos on how to configure and operate my device, all to no avail. There were so many things that didn't work as you said it would. You left out so many details when writing the book, I still can't do anything with my Nano. I feel like I wasted $150 and countless hours of my time for absolutely nothing. Reading your forums and blogs confirm this, so many of your customers have asked you so many times to explain how to properly configure and operate the device but you don't respond, or when you do you don't answer their questions in detail. Many people out there are stuck with Nano's that are totally useless. I live in San Francisco and I would like to come to your office and collaborate with you in person so we can finally configure my Nano, and get it up an running properly once and for all..

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Real Wisconsin Website Design has organically been rated NUMBER ONE BY UpCity as Green Bay’s TOP SEO Agency!
“Being organically rated #1 is a big deal because that means we aren’t paying them for this ranking” said founder and chief technologist James Murphy.
UpCity’s Link: https://upcity.com/local-marketing-agencies/lists/top-seo-agencies-in-green-bay-wi

For 18 years my wife and I owned and operated an internationally recognized award-winning animation and graphics (Digital Media) dealership and authorized Autodesk training center.

Specialties: In the electronics & media industry since 1967 & computing since 1984. I have always been involved in and have a continued history of bringing emerging technologies to successful implementation which continues today.  I Graduated from U.S. Army Signal School in 1967 and was attached to ASA 1968. In 1988 I opened a successful AutoCAD® Dealership (Wisconsin’s First!), 1991 formed Virtual Partners training facility, followed by Partners Studio.  To date, 
We’ve assisted over 1700 companies with technological innovations to successful conclusions and I'm also available as a Cyber Security Advisor on an independent contractor basis. 

Our Mission: Equipping the Saints
Note: As an ASA Vet I've continued in my capacity as a Security Researcher while reaching out to other Vets and Vet Owned Businesses. https://realwis.com/  was created to help organizations get better results from their online & social media presence while proceeds go towards our ministry C.U.T. Wisconsin https://cutwi.com/
John 3:16
Sue and I urge you to support our faith-based initiative located at https://cutwi.com/
Jesus will judge our works by rewarding those endeavors that have eternal value and dismissing those that are worthless (1 Corinthians 3: 13-15)Jim_Sue_Wed.jpg

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23 hours ago, Newbier said:

welcome to the party the girl already jumped out of the cake and everyone has had a piece

Not sure if you're telling me I'm late to the Party or not.  That aside I'm a long time follower but lake the background in Linux so I'm reluctant to get in to the Hak5 thing full bore.  😬

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to be honest hak5 isnt what they used to be just a shell now, used to look forward to weekly episodes probably only seen two for this year, just look at the posts on this forum

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On 5/20/2019 at 2:51 AM, Newbier said:

to be honest hak5 isnt what they used to be just a shell now, used to look forward to weekly episodes probably only seen two for this year, just look at the posts on this forum

You know now that I see this post I tend to agree with you.  They've over Monetized the whole thing.  Also if someone really wants to learn from Square One it doesn't seem to be a priority to help the newbie's so much. I wanted to put together a Beginners kit and found they didn't even have the larger kits available... Marked All Sold Out... But they sure were pushing the latest "gadget"....  

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hi all 


my name is Michael and im new to cybersecurity and pentesting. Right now i am teaching my self and working through online courses/ videos and just messing around.


im from the uk if anyone fancies chatting taking a novice under their wings or simply just wants to help make others better then i would appreciate any help advice and guidance


thank you 





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My name is Pierre

Favourite game: Not

Favourite OS: Linux or Mac

Favourite console: I don't play a lot, so my Mac

Nationality: French.

Favourite Book: Game of Thrones, no, I never read or watch an episode of it ! True story

Other hobbies: History

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My name is Troye

Favourite game: COD,GOD OF WAR,DOTA 2

Favourite OS: Windows and Linux

Favourite console: PS4

Nationality: AFRICAN

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Race: Black

Height: 5 ft 6

Other hobbies: Programming, hacking and robotics

Occupation: High School

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Thank you so much for the information you have provided.I do admire the effort and consider this as a great help.

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Remember Hak5 from the old days....just wasn't too interested in the getting involved in the forum until now

Favorite game: Dice, Cribbage

Favorite console: None

Nationality: Private

Sex: Male

Age: Old

Race: Pink-Skin

Height: Tall

Status: Married.....A long time

Build: Tall....lets leave it at that

Favorite band: It changes all the time.....but currently I like Steven Wilson/Porcupine Tree and "old" Genesis.....

Favorite book: Books that sometimes get burned....and books that don't get burned

Favorite author: Authors that sometimes get burned.....and authors that don't get burned....

Favorite movie: That's a tough one....

Favorite director: That's also a tough one.....

Favorite TV Show: For the moment....."The Handmaids Tale"

Favorite actor: The ones I liked are all dead....

Favorite Comedian: Comedians still exist? They haven't been all silenced?

Other hobbies: Reading, Traveling, and Grilling

Car: Gas, Hybrid, and Electric.....have had them all.....

Occupation: Information Security......the only job that has job security......

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Hello, first post here so go easy in me 😋

Recently got a Bash Bunny and run the blog http://thesecuritynoob.com which is basically my journey from normal IT guy to Cyber-security/Ethical Hacker extraordinaire.


Name: Alex or Muldwych as i am known online 😉

Nationality: Scottish

Location: Scotland

Age: 41 (yeah I know I'm older than everyone else)

Brief History: Worked in IT for over 15 years now, started on Help-desk and the done Application Support for business apps before moving to supporting more Linux apps and now i am a Desktop Specialist who has a huge interest in Ethical Hacking.

Favourite game: World of Warcraft (Dwarf Priest since Vanilla, oh yeah 👌)

Favourite OS: Kali 

Favourite console: Nintendo Switch

Accent: Scottish

Sex: Male

Race: White Scottish 

Height: 5'5 (and a half)

Build: Far to over weight but trying to loose it, well i will start in Monday.

Favourite band: Beastie Boys

Favourite book: Lord of the Flies

Favourite author: George Orwell

Favourite movie: The Man From Earth

Favourite director: Peter Jackson

Favourite TV Show: Twilight Zone

Hobbies: Reading, Playing WoW, Computers, Ethical Hacking

Car: Ford C-Max

Occupation: Desktop Support Specialist.

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 new here today but lot of hak 5 gear just picked up a lightemimg adapter and a few books on mac UNIX and terminal hoping the bash bunny will wok with iPad pro one way to be sure

hope to contribute lots


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Greeting all,  

Favorite game: anything in VR

Favorite console: PS4

Nationality: US

Sex: Male

Age: Older

Height: Tall

Status: Married.....A long time

Build: do you even lift bro

Favorite band: 80s hair metal stuff 

Favorite book: without remorse

Favorite movie: Better off dead.....2 dollars

Favorite TV Show: Banshee

Other hobbies: martial arts, playing bass

Car: junk

Occupation: Information Security

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Hello Everyone.. 


My name is James. 

Gender: Male

Favorite OS: Windows - for now 😂

Favorite Console: None 😭

Status  : Single 

Favorite Movie: Harry Potter 😀

Nationality: Nigerian 🇳🇬 / Africa

Favorite Actor(s) : Tyler Perry,  Kevin Hart,  Dwayne Johnson ✌

Hobbies: Reading, Music,  Programming (Web),  Eating 🍮

Occupation: Student 🤔 More like a Drop-Out - couldn't pay my fees 😭

I Love Computers,  Programming,  Hacking... I really wanna learn HACKING 


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