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My name is Aaron aka H4x0r18

Favourite games: Diablo 3, Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid series, Team Fortress 2

Operating Systems: OS X & Linux

Consoles: Nintendo, SNES, PS2, PS3

Nationality: US

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Race: White American

Height: 5 ft. 9

Status: Engaged

Favourite bands: Radiohead, U2, Rush, Foo Fighters, Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Megadeth, DJ Tiesto, DJ Deadmau5

Favourite book: Ghost in the Wires by Kevin Mitnick

Favourite movies: Iron Man 1 & 2, The Avengers, Transforms Trilogy, Back to the Future Trilogy, The Matrix Trilogy

Favourite TV Show: Supernatural, Family Guy, South Park, The Walking Dead (I honestly don't watch much tv)

Favourite actor: Robert Downey Jr.

Favourite actress: Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow

Favourite Comedian: Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Dunham

Other hobbies: Youtube, Gaming, Photography, Swimming, Biking, Shooting

Car: 1994 Buick Custom Regal

Occupation: Systems Administrator / Desktop Support Technician

Certifications: A+, Network+, Security+ (currently working on CEH)

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Top Posters In This Topic

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My name is Mark a.k.a Metatron Favourite OS: Debian Favourite movie: Fight club Other hobbies: Running, Mountain biking, diving, climbing and shooting (range/ clay pigeon). Occupation: Academ

Favourite game: Counter Strike Source and Battlefield 2. Teh Pwnz0r. Favourite OS: Don't have a favorite, but I use Windows XP / Linux Arc. Favourite console: Xbox 360. Nationality: English Accent

Favorite Game: Silent Hill Favorite OS: MS Windows Sex: not very often Race: Mountain Bike Favorite Band: Richard Wagner Favorite Book: My own book about Security at Rheinwerk/Galileo Press Favo

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My name is Duane aka Irish

Favorite game: FPS, Call of Duty

Favorite OS: None but use OSX

Favorite console: NES

Nationality: American

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6ft

Build: Average

Favourite band: Too many to list

Favourite book: Long Hard Road out of Hell

Favourite author: None

Favourite movie: Empire Records

Favourite director: Kevin Smith

Favourite TV Show: Family Guy, Big Bang Theory, Hak 5 (IPTV counts right...)

Favourite actor: Matthew Lillard

Favourite actress: Kaley Cuoco

Favourite Pinup: None

Favourite Comedian: Ron White, Nick Swardson, Robin Williams

Other hobbies: RC Cars, Bass Guitar, Fishing, Woodworking

Car: Ford Edge

Occupation: Information Systems Tech.

Certifications: A+, MCP-270

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Hi my name is Ivan, I'm into technology but am facinated with wifi and the things that can be done with it. Im Half Croatian half Italian, born in Australia, but now I live in Croatia. I'm engaged and soon to be married.

I'm new to the forum but have been reading posts off it since I got the pineapple MKII, about this time last year (or so).

So yeah, I don't wanna list the things like some of the previous posts because its 2am here and I'm buggared.

To be quick, my OS of choice is 7, but enjoy dabbeling in Ubuntu and BT5.

See you all soon ;)

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My name is Joshua aka Gater_Byte

Favorite game: Portal/ Skyrim

Favorite OS: Any Flavor of Debian Linux

Favorite console: PS2+DDR=Win!

Nationality: American

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6ft

Build: Average

Status: Married and a Dad

Favourite bands: Basshunter/DualCORE/ Anything Techno

Favourite book: Daemon and Freedom

Favourite TV Show: The IT Crowd, White Collar, Hak 5

Occupation: Information Systems Tech. Researcher

Certifications: Security+

Long Time Lurker, just started posting.

I have been watching HAK5 since season 5, then went back to Season 1.

I have a, Mark II, Rubber Ducky, Mark IV, Afla, & Yagi.

Playing with my 2 Raspberry Pi's and started a Tech Blog.


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My name is Matt AKA Yukondkne (Yuko-n-do-knee) (means 'the owner')

Favorite game: Currently Guildwars2 and League of Legends

Favorite OS: User side - Ubuntu, work side - RHEL or Backtrack, depending on what im doing

Favorite console: Sega Genesis; XBox360

Nationality: American

Accent: Michigander

Sex: Male

Race: Caucasian

Height: 6ft 2in

Build: more to love

Status: Married 3 kids

Favourite bands: currently loving Rise Against, in flames, Swedish House Mafia, Deadmou5, and Hollywood Undead/Deuce

Favourite book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite TV Show: Hak 5, Dr Who, Game of Thrones

Occupation: Network Security Engineer for a third party support firm

Certifications: Security+, Net+, A+, CCNA, RHCPA, Bachelors in Computer Systems and Security

i started watching hak5 recently (past year) and have fallen in love. i bought a pineapple mkiv a alfa G antenna, and a duckie. i also have some pineapple juice. i am trying to catch up on episodes from previous seasons, but if i find the tech discussed irrelevant currently, i tend to skip the episode. i love your guys approach to IT security, very high level on the show to get people interested, and help plant the seed to learn, and if people are truly interested they will take it to the forums here, or do their own research.

Daren you segment a month ago about WiFi protocols and hacking you did at that hacker space was inspiring, and i presented it to some colleges of mine. we are now using some thoughts and theories along with my pineapple to test some vulnerabilities in some networks.

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Hello my name is Bob aka Meaug (Think movie BlackHawk Down, [Mogadishu])

Favorite game: Battlenations, can't play anything more serious now-a-days, though liked Eve-Online, Wow, SWTOR Anarchy Online

Favorite OS: OpenBSD, RHEL, Ubuntu and iOS

Favorite console: Sega Genesis

Nationality: American

Accent: Hillbilly

Sex: Male

Race: White

Height: 5' 8'

Build: tank

Status: Bach

Favourite bands: Newsboys, Switchfoot, MercyMe

Favourite book: Bible (ESV)

Favourite TV Show: Firefly

Occupation: Business Owner, Computer Guy

Certifications: MCP Windows, CNE, RHCE

Started watching Hak5 recently and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to find a show going over the more advanced concepts of computing. With a renewed interest in all things *nix, I've picked up the MK IV and started reconstituting my knowledge that I'd let fade out of practice. I'm glad that I ran across this show and interesting projects to put my skills back into practice. My mind chock full of projects to build(/hack). I'm happy to be here and hopefully won't be too much of a pain.

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My social security number is *53-23-7483, I was born in Chicago, Ill... My phone number 2486728469... please don't call

lol... personal information ... you guys are lucky for me saying I am from Michigan... lol... NO GIVE NO INFO POR FAVOR

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My social security number is *53-23-7483, I was born in Chicago, Ill... My phone number 2486728469... please don't call

lol... personal information ... you guys are lucky for me saying I am from Michigan... lol... NO GIVE NO INFO POR FAVOR

My social security number is *53-23-7483, I was born in Chicago, Ill... My phone number 2486728469... please don't call

lol... personal information ... you guys are lucky for me saying I am from Michigan... lol... NO GIVE NO INFO POR FAVOR

I kid you only... but seriously, please be careful of what you put on the forums....

Reach pwnr



Self taught since 93--> you know what I mean if you had only books!

Formal Education --.ScottlandK... :D

Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction

Favorite Author: Raphael Mudge and Rapid7

Favorite Script: Javascript, Python, Ruby, C++ = Not a professional like Digininja

Favorite OS: ...Grew up DOS and WIndows... but I LOVE LINUX --- still semi green, but my pigment is coming back :rolleyes:

Favorite Forum(s): HAK5 and Spiceworks (if you don't know spice works... well... give em a try)

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My name is Daniel aka lmgonza

Favorite game: WarRock lol

Favorite OS: A free one but Xp Pro and Ubuntu

Favorite console: dont own one but i prefer xbox360 console controllers

Nationality: American

Accent: none

Sex: Male

Age: 20 old enough to go to big boys lock up yet not old enough to drink legally

Race: Mexican American

Height: 6"1

Status: single

Favorite band: anything with bass

Favorite book: Ghost in the wires

Favorite author: Every man and women who can teach me something new

Favorite movie: wargames,the block,leon the professional,gone in 60 seconds. Billy Madison

Favorite TV Show: the big bang theory ( as corny and sometimes unfunny but yet entertaining for me) and of course Hak5 brought to you by domain.com lol

Favorite actor: well itd have to be kevin hart or adam sandler i like comedy

Favorite actress: none really

Favorite Pinup: Vida,Kim K, and how can i leave out JLo ;)

Other hobbies: computers, games, and computer games

Car: 1973 Camaro

Occupation: Deciding where to take my education ( just got laid off a computer technician job)

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Hi, there. My name is Brian aka SystemD. Been lurking the boards for a while and decided it was time to create a profile so I can read me some attachments. I recently decided to turn my life long love affair with computers into a carreer by signing up for some courses to get certified.

Favorite game: Doom

Favorite OS: Linux. Specifically Xubuntu. But my day to day is spent on a Citrix Thin Client.

Favorite console: NES

Nationality: Canadian

Accent: Standard issue west coast accent. It's the same from California to the Yukon.

Sex: Male

Race: 100m Dash. Does this really matter?

Build: Drought and Famine resistant.

Status: Got a date next week, I'll let you know.

Favourite bands: The New Pornographers, The Shins, Blue Rodeo, CCR, The Raveonettes

Favourite book: Monkey Beach

Favourite TV Show: No cable.

Occupation: Area Supervisor and Level 1 tech support simultaneously.

Certifications: Nothin' yet, but I just started courses.

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My name is Doug aka SilverMoonshine

Favourite game: Minecraft

Favourite Windows OS : 7 /XP

Favourite Linux OS : Backtrack 5 R3 / Pear Linux

Favourite console: NES

Nationality: UK

Accent: British , I think

Sex: Male

Age: (Time Lords Dont Age)

Race: White British

Height: 5'11

Status: Living with my Girlfriend

Build: Athleticish

Favourite band:

Favourite book: Too many too choose from

Favourite author: Akira Toriyama

Favourite movie: Monty Python , Holy Grail

Favourite director: Too Many

Favourite TV / IP Show: Doctor Who / Hak5

Favourite actor: Enjoying Matt Smith , But David Tennant

Favourite actress: Zooey Deschanel

Favourite Pinup: Hayley Broughton

Favourite Comedian: Bill Bailey

Other hobbies: Compositing, Photography, Playing my instruments , feeding my thirst for knowledge , getting some code , making my own code , putting them together and making shit happen :)

Bike : Road Bike until i can afford a motorbike

Occupation: IT Engineer at a computershop :D

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G'day Hak5, Im Brad, aka, TheBradl3s

Favourite game: Fallout NV

Favourite Windows OS : Win7

Favourite Linux OS : Kubuntu/Backtrack 5

Favourite console: NES/Atari 2600/Atari Lynx

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Aussie

Sex: Male

Race: White Cacasian

Height: 183cm

Favourite band: Evil Activities

Favourite movie: Monty Python - And now for something completely different

Favourite TV Show: NCIS/MLP:FiM

Best Pony: Rainbow Dash

Favourite Comedian: Carl Barron

Other hobbies: Creating home networks, building PC's and server systems, programming, riding my motorbike and chillin with mates

Motorbike: 2008 Honda CBR125R

Occupation: I be nothing but a student, Studying Computer Systems :)

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My name is Steve aka CaliPirate

Favourite game: NBA 2k

Favourite Windows OS : Win7

Favourite Linux OS : Kubuntu/Backtrack 5

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: American

Accent: None

Sex: Male

Race: Hispanic

Height: 67"

Favourite band: DPG

Favourite movie: Back To The Future

Favourite TV Show: Boardwalk Empire

Favourite Comedian: Chris Rock

Other hobbies: Creating home networks, building PC's and server systems, relaxing

Occupation: A student, Studying Computer Systems

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My name is Renzo

Favourite game: Thief The Dark Project

Favourite OS: Linux Distros

Favourite console: For gaming? Meh...

Nationality: Internationalist

Accent: Regular sounding

Sex: Ambiguous

Age: Older

Race: 5k

Height: Tallish

Status: Sitting

Build: Kinda like Megaman

Favourite band: Bongzilla

Favourite book: A lot, Wobblies on the Water Front was really awesome And I just read Talking Hands which was awesome too.

Favourite author: Noam Chomsky, oh wait, David Graeber

Favourite movie: LOTR

Favourite director: Guillermo Del Torro

Favourite TV Show: Venture Bros.

Favourite actor: I dunno.

Favourite actress: I think they are just called actors now.

Favourite Pinup: Cork

Favourite Comedian: David Cross

Other hobbies: Reading, Teaching myself about computers, MMA, biking, and stuff.

Car: 77 VW transporter

Occupation: IWW Organizer

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Been on here for a while, but might as well.

My name is Paul aka PasteyWhiteCoder.

Favorite game: FF7

Favorite OS: Any of the Ubuntu or Fedora derivatives

Favorite console: PlayStation 2

Nationality: US

Accent: Normal, I guess

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Race: White American

Height: 6' 2"

Status: Married

Build: Custom for desktop (having some HDD troubles so not on it a whole lot), Dell Inspiron 1420 for primary laptop.

Favorite band: Deadmau5

Favorite book: Any kind of technical manual. Current favorite is the OpenGL SuperBible.

Favorite author: Don't have one

Favorite movie: Don't have one.

Favorite director: Don't have one.

Favorite TV Show: Daily Show or Colbert Report.

Favorite actor: Don't have one.

Favorite actress: Don't have one.

Favorite Pinup: Eliza Dushku

Favorite Comedian: Christopher Titus

Other hobbies: Indie game development, developing hacking tools, learning.

Occupation: Web programmer and dad.

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Hello DirtyFinger here.. Usually known as Saxamo on the network. I have been privy to many hacks including a company called falcon back in the 80's. Ethical of course. I spend most of my time now researching the internet and "yes" I have been to the end. In my off time when I am not working on a new splice, I tend to view the world from the 6th floor. I find myself spending days at the pc and forgetting time, even months when I am deep into code. The true art of hacking is not to steal anything but to know you can if you were asked.

I also like to delve into coral reefs and have had micro reefs in my home. Try supporting an ecological system at .3 gallons and have it live for 12 years, completely automated by your ast model 120 at 12Ghz. ;) I am not a franken builder and I feel that all pc situations have to be done sexy. There is nothing more rewarding then someone saying.. damn, they cracked it.. Boy it looks great though..

I leave you with this. Life is life, you are here you are gone. I plan on interjecting myself into the internet and living forever. However, I will take one photo with me to remember the real world and what I see each day from my balcony.


I mght be a hacker, but God definitely knows his code..

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My name is Steve aka applejack

Favourite game: CoD zombies

Favourite OS: Fedora

Favourite console: Xbox all the way

Nationality: British/ German (Dual citizenship)

Accent: English

Sex: Male

Race: White European

Height: 5 ft 9

Favourite band: Reel Big Fish

Favourite book: To Kill A Mockingbird

Favourite movie: anything Marvel

Favourite TV Show: gadget geeks

Favourite Comedian: Russell Howard

Other hobbies: gymnastics, kickboxing, coding, web design, hackery fun

Car: I own a choper

Occupation: Linux sysadmin/software developer

Catchphrase: the google-fu is strong in this one

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My name is Mic a.k.a can

Favourite game: Left 4 Dead

Favourite OS: OSX

Favourite console: Playstation (First)

Nationality: Australian

Accent: English (US/Australia) All thanks to television.

Sex: Male

Race: English

Height: 1.9 m

Build: dropping the fat

Favourite author: Michael Moore.

Favourite movie: The Thirteenth Floor (1999)

Favourite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Other hobbies: Walking, thinking, reading.

Car: Saving to buy one, if I can pass the driving test

Occupation: Looking for work.

Well Hi, I guess, well I think. Anyway I'm more of a 2000/2006 hardware and software repair guy, for the moment I have a cisco switch on the table needing a replacemnt BR2335 battery; I'm thinking after the new year, with all the stuff going through the post.

I can add that, I'm fillmer with OSX (including mobile OS), Windows OS's, Debin, Ubuntu, Puppy, and a few others I can't recall.

And I'm wonding if anyone wouls create a template for this?

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Hey guys, my name is Eric and here is my about me thing:

Favorite game: Battlefield 3

Favorite OS: Ubuntu, but OpenSUSE is growing on me...

Favorite console: Xbox360

Nationality: US

Accent: Normal West coast American (non-surfer type, brah!)

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Race: Hispanic

Height: 6'

Status: Married

Build: Primary device is an Asus N53

Favorite band: Five Finger Death Punch

Favorite book: Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein

Favorite author: Don't have one

Favorite movie: The Matrix

Favorite director: Don't have one.

Favorite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington

Favorite actress: Scarlett Johansson

Favorite Pinup: Bettie Page

Favorite Comedian: Gabriel Iglesias

Other hobbies: Shooting guns ('Merica!), Photography, hiking, playing guitar.

Occupation: Data Center technician

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My name is Eric, but I go by mukti online.

Favourite game: Half-Life

Favourite OS: any

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: US

Accent: None?

Sex: Male






Favourite band: Cult of Luna or Com Truise

Favourite book: Just for Fun: The Story of an Accidental Revolutionary

Favourite author: None

Favourite movie: Akira

Favourite director: None

Favourite TV Show: None

Favourite actor: None

Favourite actress: None

Favourite Pinup: None

Favourite Comedian: Non

Other hobbies: Radio DJ

Car: 1997 Ford Explorer

Occupation: Student / Sysadmin

Edited by mukti
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My name is Loki (George)

Favorite game: Uplink

Favorite OS: Fedora Core / OSX

Favorite console: Attari Lynx

Nationality: American

Sex: Male

Age: 25-30

Race: White American

Height: 6'10"

Status: Single

Favorite band: TRANS/TECHNO

Favorite book: TechWars

Favorite author: Tolken

Favorite movie: WarGames

Favorite TV Show: BSG

Favorite actor: Sir Patrick Stawart

Favorite Comedian: no clue

Other hobbies: Code-Fu, Testing , helpdesk, LSL Coding, Pwning Noobs

Car: na

Occupation: Unemployed.

Hak5 Hardware owned: USB Rubber Ducky Deluxe, WiFi Pineapple Mark IV Elite Bundle

I Use a iMac 21" Runing Lion as my main system my "Fun" System is Samsung X460-44G

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I am MAD (madhak)

Nationality: Canadian
Accent: Quebecer

Sex: Male
Age: 27
Race: Human

Favorite OS: Ubuntu 10.10
Favorite Console: PC beat them all but I have all of them.

Favorite Game: Half-Life
Favorite Band: Infected Mushroom
Favorite Author: Tom Clancy
Favorite Movie: The Matrix
Favorite TV Show: Big bang theory

Geek Hobbies: Remote Controlled Stuff, Robotic, Forensic

Cool Hobbies: Mountain bike, Snowboard, Kayak, Rally
Car: 2x Pontiac Aztek 2003 (One is modified for rally purpose)
Occupation: Network Engineer, System Engineer, EE, Software Developer, Freelancer

Blog: madhak.com

Edited by madhak
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