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My name is Amir a.k.a amirman (get it? a mere man? hilarious)

Favourite game: rpg's and platformers

Favourite Classic Console Multiplayer Game: Bomberman

Favourite Classic PC Multiplayer Game: Scorched Earth

Favourite RPG Class: Thief

Favourite Science Fiction TV show: TNG beeyatch!

Favourite OS: Ubuntu, antiX

Favourite alpha stage OS: Chakra (Arch + KDEmod + automatic hardware detection)

Favourite console: PC games 4 LYFE, maybe ZSNES

Nationality: I was born in Iran, grew up in Canada, currently a U.S. Citizen

Accent: Alberta/Kentucky

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Race: Persian baby!

Height: 6' 2"

Status: Married (2 kids)

Build: i'm a fatty!

Favourite band: Yes, Critters Buggin', Tortoise

Favourite book: The Enormous Room by e.e.cummings

Favourite author: i don't have one, but i thought i'd answer an unrelated unasked question here; I prefer non-fiction

Favourite movie: Charlie Chaplin's Modern Times

Favourite director: Werner Herzog or Charlie Chaplin

Favourite TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm or The Wire

Other hobbies: playing music, taking stuff apart

Car: 2002 kia rio

Occupation: I work in a chain restaurant, trying to finish school

Studying: Sociology/History (thinking about adding a CIS degree)

Favourite Unix commands: grep and cat

Favourite WMs: Fluxbox and Gnome

Favourite grammatical misconduct: capitalization

Credit Card Number: 4097-2342-0900-0234

Expiration Date: 09/19

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Hi everyone! I am .....

Ron AKA r0ntr0n

Favourite game: Hard to say...the first zelda

Favourite OS: For the moment its Ubuntu

Favourite console: Computer duh...If i have to choose SNES

Nationality: White? / American

Accent: Californian / Hollywood

Sex: Male

Birth date: 23 Oct. 1984

Marital Status: Long term Girlfriend

Build: Skinny (I eat healthy and get lots of exercise)

Favourite band: Changes a lot but I like Pendulum right now

Favourite book: 1984

Favourite author: Raymond Francis

Favourite movie: Idiocracy

Favourite TV Show: Southpark

Favourite Comedian: Jim Gafagen*

Other hobbies: Sovereignty

Car: POS! 1991 geo prizm AKA silver bullet $20 to fill the tank!

Occupation: IT

Thanks for being here.I'm looking forward to all the good info I can soak up here :)

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My name is Cole aka whedgit

Favourite game: no favorite but i'm currently playing guild wars and COD4

Favourite OS: OS X

Favourite console: PS3 (wish i had one)

Nationality: US

Accent: idk American?

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Height: 6'

Status: in a relationship

Build: medium

Favourite band: too many to list

Favourite book: harry potter series

Favourite movie: way too many to list

Favourite TV Show: Heroes or Chuck

Favourite Director: Mel Brooks

Other hobbies: Hunting, Working on cars

Car: 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham, 1994 Chevrolet S-10 (wrecked :( work in progress)

Occupation: Student

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Hello, new to the forums and found this thread so figured I should post up. I'll mainly be lurking as to be honest, I don't know enough to be running my mouth (or fingers)...yet.

Favourite game: CS 1.6

Favourite OS: Windows 3.11 for Workgroups (First time I can remember on a computer)

Favourite console: XBox 360

Nationality: American

Accent: None.

Sex: Male

Age:30 something

Race: Caucasian

Height: 5' 8"

Status: Single

Build: A bit too much cushion

Favourite band: 12 Stone

Favourite book: Been too long actually reading a book, don't remember

Favourite author: Don't remember that either

Favourite movie: Dogma/Office Space

Favourite director: None

Favourite TV Show: Myth Busters

Favourite actor: None

Favourite actress: None

Favourite Pinup: None

Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook

Other hobbies: Games

Car: A piece of crap

Occupation: Sys Admin

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My name is John (aka: ITJohn, aka At0n)

Favourite game: Mortal Kombat

Favourite OS: Ubuntu (but primarily use M$ Windows due to work)

Favourite console: PS2 / Wii

Nationality: US

Accent: Upper Widwest

Sex: Male

Age: Born in '81... due the math

Race: White American

Height: 5ft 9in

Status: Married

Build: I think I'm sexy.. you'll have to ask the wife

Favourite band: Korn and Dave Matthew's Band

Favourite book: I read mainly technical crap

Favourite author:

Favourite movie: Heat, Iron man, Matrix, Sneakers

Favourite director: Umm.. I'll get back to you on this

Favourite TV Show: Chuck and heroes

Favourite actor: Robert Downing Jr.

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: George Carlen (R.I.P) and Lewis Black

Other hobbies: Computers, Networking, Electronics, Drinking, Disc Golf, My Web Site

Car: 2006 Mazda 3

Occupation: Network / Systems Administrator

Visit My Website

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hello i'm jimmx aka jimmx

Favourite game: fallout 1-3

Favourite OS: i use most of them

Favourite console: anything not the wii

Nationality: german living in usa

Accent: 1337

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Height: 5"5'

Status: married with children

Build: medium with beer gut

Favourite band: Metal!

Favourite book: Sandman GN

Favourite author: Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite movie: Serenity

Favourite TV Show: Fringe

Favourite actor/actress:johnny depp

Other hobbies: hiking,biking,swimming

Car: 1990 ford tempo (secondary car due to van breaking down)

Occupation: machine operator

just got to know hak5 though itunes,love all of it!

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My name is Tim, long time lurker as you can probably figure out.

Favourite game: vietcong?

Favourite OS: all the above

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: US

Accent: Generic (nobody seems to complain)

Sex: Male

Age: 22

Race: White American

Height: 6'2"

Favourite band: to many to list

Favourite book: Were vampires dont burn they glitter :P

Favourite author: dont have a favorite

Favourite movie: Forest Gump

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: House

Favourite actor: no idea

Favourite actress: no idea

Favourite Comedian: Pablo Francisco

Other hobbies: Mechanical/Electrical systems design, Editing, Compositing, Webdesign, Photography, teaching noobs(circa2001) how to build robots,

Car: Ranger

Occupation: Technician

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hello i'm SpikeCB aka The Hugon5000

Favourite game: FFVIII, Halo 3

Favourite OS: Still searching

Favourite console: Xbox360 because of Xbox Live

Nationality: Hispanic/Chamorro

Accent: What?

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Height: 6'0"

Status: Swinger

Build: Baseball build, thats right ladies!

Favourite band: Killswitch, Underoath

Favourite book: Halo: The Fall of Reach

Favourite author: Me

Favourite movie: Tough..... Boondock Saints, Die Hards, LOR, Braveheart, stuff like that..

Favourite TV Show: Cowboy Bebop

Favourite actor/actress: Jim Carey

Other hobbies: playing sports, hanging out wif people, learning about cars.

Car: 2007 Dodge Ram, 1966 Barracuda (Work in prog)

Occupation: Network Tech

HEY Hak5, let me know when you want me to move down there and chill.

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hey I'm Paddy aka cykio. I'm generally a very easy going guy

Favourite game: Counter Strike Source (4000 hours of it according to my xfire), any valve game, Zombies vs Plants

Favourite OS: Windows, 7 looks nice but not used it yet

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: Irish

Accent: most ppl think I'm American cause my voice is higher pitched than usual

Sex: Male

Age: 21

Height: 6'1"

Status: in a relationship

Build: Tall and thinish... it balances out

Favourite band: Anything, atm band is QOTSA

Favourite book: Disc World series

Favourite author: Terry Pratchett

Favourite movie: Hunt for Red October, Forrest Gump, the Mask

Favourite TV Show: IT Crowd, Lost, Heroes

Favourite actor/actress: Jim Carey

Favorite Sports Team : Munster (Rugby)

Other hobbies: Gaming, Sailing, Hapiakido, Rugby

Car: Honda CR-V (mum's :P)

Occupation: Student doing 3rd year Computer Science in UCD

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Hi all. I've been following Hak5 for a while now.

I'm trying to study for Comp TIA Certifications(A+,Net+,Sec+)

Hope to get Certified by the end of this Summer. Eventually MCSA,CEH....

Favourite PC game: Flight Simulator 2004, Project Torque and... Crysis :lol:

Favourite Console game: Final Fantasy VII & VIII, Grandia.

Favourite OS: Windows & Linux.

Favourite console: Sega Saturn,PlayStation(1)

Favourite TV Show: Southpark, Boston Legal

Nationality: Japanese,Irish,Canadian :D

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Height: 6"1

Status: Single

Build: thinish...need to workout & bulk up more :(

Other hobbies: Guitar,DJ,

Occupation:...Uni Student (not in IT :P )

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Hello I am Matt aka The Sorrow

Favourite game: Metal Gear Solid 2

Favourite OS: Windows for gaming and Ubuntu for everything else

Favourite console: PS2

Nationality: US

Accent: American (I know thats a lot)

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Race: White American

Height: 6'5"

Status: Dating

Build: Im tall...so im skinny...like most tall people...

Favourite band: Tool

Favourite book: O'Rilie's Big Book of Windows Hacks

Favourite author: K.A. Applegate

Favourite movie: Blade

Favourite director: ...im not that big of a movie nerd...

Favourite TV Show: My Wife and Kids

Favourite actor: David Spade

Favourite actress: ...hmmmm...so many....

Favourite Comedian: Michael Richards

Other hobbies: Gaming, Game making, teching at my school, playing the smart one in class....not a whole lot

Car: none :P

Occupation: Student, Network tech in training

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Favourite game: EvE Online

Favourite OS: Kickstart/Workbench 3.1, AmigaOS 4, QnX, *BSD

Favourite console: NES, SNES, Game & Watch

Nationality: Swedish

Accent:( Scanian )

Sex: Male


Race: Caucasian

Height: 178cm

Status: Engaged

Build: 1.0

Favourite bands: Front Line Assembly, NiN, Front 242, CombiChrist

Favourite books: 'Count Zero' & 'Neuromancer' by William Gibson, 'Swedish Hackers Association: Hackergruppen som skakade Sverige' by Jan Svensson (in Swedish only)

Favourite author: Stephen King, Dean R. Koontz, Clive Barker.

Favourite movie: Bladerunner

Favourite director: n/a

Favourite TV Show: Jayce and the wheeled warriors

Favourite actor: Jason Statham

Favourite actress: Kate Beckinsale, Angelina Jolie

Favourite Pinup: n/a

Favourite Comedian: Michael Winslow, Russel Peters, Lewis Black, Pablo Francisco, Robin Williams

Other hobbies: n/a

Car: some crappy old thing with rust on It..

Occupation: on parental leave at the moment.

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Favourite game: Commander Keen 4

Favourite OS: Windows and Gentoo (though I triple boot with Ubuntu for my project)

Favourite console: Nintendo 64, XBOX classic

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Australian??

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Race: Is this what i consider myself or what my heritage is? (I consider myself to be Australian)

Height: 182cm

Status: Fluxing

Build: Good

Favourite band: I don't have a single favourite band.

Favourite book: Death From The Skies by Phil Plait

Favourite director: Martin Scorsese!

Favourite TV Show: The Big Bang Theory at the moment

Favourite Comedian: Ross Noble

Other hobbies: Gaming, Programming, Electronics, Astronomy

Car: Fully Sik Toyota Camry

Occupation: Student, Sysadmin Intern

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Hello I am Matt aka Freelancer

Favourite game: Fallout 1,2 & 3

Favourite OS: N/A

Favourite console: Atari 800

Nationality: US

Accent: none

Gender: Male

Age: 31

Race: White American

Height: 6'0"

Status: Married with Children

Build: Depends on the time of year

Favourite band: Jimmy Buffet

Favourite book: Ender's Game

Favourite author: Orson Scott Card

Favourite movie: Dune 6hr Directors special edition

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: Lost

Favourite actor: None

Favourite actress: None

Favourite Comedian: Dennis Miller

Car: Subaru

Occupation: IT Manager

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My name is Josh

Favourite game: n/a

Favourite OS: *nix

Favourite console: Atari 2600

Nationality: US

Accent: Southern

Sex: Male

Age: 25

Race: White American

Height: 5'11'

Status: single

Build: normal?

Favourite band: Tennessee 3

Favourite book: Fight Club

Favourite author: Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite movie: walk the line

Favourite director: Spielberg

Favourite TV Show: sons of anarchy

Favourite actor:

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Other hobbies:web design

Car: chevy s10

Occupation: Systems Admin

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Hey my name is Matt

Favourite game: Deus Ex

Nationality: British

Accent: RP

Sex: male

Height: 5' 11"

Age: 19

Build: thin

Favourite Band: Muse

Favourite Book: Lord of the Rings

Favourite Film: Blade Runner

Car: n/a

Other Hobbies: Snowboarding (when I can afford it)

Occupation: Student

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Hi All....been lurking for a while...want to become active...needed to get that first post out of the way even though I am sure nobody will ever read this....

My name is Jon

Favourite game: NHL 09

Favourite OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 RC2

Favourite console: Xbox 360

Nationality: US

Accent: Midwestern?

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Race: White American

Height: 6'0'

Status: Relationship

Build: Is this a singles profile? I'm not fat I'm big boned!

Favourite band: Eminem/ytcracker/Craig Morgan

Favourite book: On Bullshit

Favourite movie: Boondock Saints

Favourite director: Kevin Smith

Favourite TV Show: Good Eats

Favourite actress: Biel & Alba are up there

Other hobbies:School...workin in IT for a Fortune 500 company..hackin/screwing around...drinking....

Car: Purple Jetta

Occupation: Technical Project Manager | Infrastructure Lead...

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Hak5 Rocks! I have learned so much from you guys. Hope to meet you guys one day.

Favorite game: Wii Fit with Blance board

Favorite OS: Backtrack4

Favorite console: Wii

Nationality: US

Accent: Depends on my mood

Sex: Dude

Age: Wow 37!

Race: White American

Height: 6'0'

Status: Love my Wife

Build: 6" 240 Lbs Perfect!

Favorite band: Steele Pulse

Favorite book: The one I hide my fon in.

Favorite movie: It's a Wonderful Life

Favorite director: M. Night Shyamalan

Favorite TV Show: Hak5 on my TiVo!

Favorite actress: Ton's of cute ones

Other hobbies: My Newborn Kid; BMX; 12 Volt Electronics and Snowboarding

Car: Subaru WRX Estate

Occupation: Systems Manager for multiple locations in NY State

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Love the show, love the forum figured I'd say hello B)

Hmmmm my InfoSec instincts are telling me not to fill this out....ahh what the hell :P

Favourite game: CS 1.6, back in the good old days.

Favourite OS: XP for home use/gaming. Debian for anything else.

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: English

Accent: Southern English!?! Way too posh to be Chav'ish though...

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Birth date: 28/6/1985

Marital Status: Ball and chain very firmly attached :D

Build: beta? :lol:

Favourite band: Opeth or Pendulum. Depends on the mood.

Favourite book: The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite author: Douglas Adams

Favourite movie: The original Dawn of the Dead - Left 4 Dead seriously needs a mall survivor level imo

Favourite TV Show: Family Guy

Favourite Comedian: Lee Evans

Other hobbies: Music - Guitar, bass, Reason.

Occupation: Finnishing work this week...Anyone need a geek?

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Hi Everybody,

I'm an old white male nerd that remembers getting a 300baud cradle for christmas, who went analog for a while. I just stumbled on Hak5 and had my technolust restarted. Thanks.

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Hi HAK.5 . I am Mladen , and i am from Serbia. This show have members here in Serbia. This is great show. Not for noobs :). I am 18 years old, and i realy know much things about hacking. And from HAK.5 i have realy good tings to learn.

My name is Mladen Vučković

Favourite game: n/a

Favourite OS: Windows XP SP2 ue

Favourite console: Atari 2600

Nationality: Serbia

Sex: Male

Age: 18

Favourite band: 3 Doors Down

Favourite movie: too many to list

Favourite director: too many to list

Favourite TV Show: HAK.5 if that is tv show :)

Favourite actor: Paul Walker

Favourite actress: Tijana Kondić

Other hobbies:Programming, Photography, Editing, Animation ...

Car: Audi A4

Occupation: School, Programming ...

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My name is Nick aka nick

Favorite game: NFS

Favorite OS: none really....HP-UX

Favorite console: xbox

Nationality: American

Accent: n/a

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 5'11"

Status: Single

Build: Big Boy

Favorite band: Beastie Boys

Favorite book: Masters of Deception by Michelle Slatalla

Favorite author: n/a

Favorite movie: Deuce Bigalow

Favorite director: John Woo

Favorite TV Show: Burn Notice

Favorite actor: Christopher Walken

Favorite actress: Elizabeth Hurley

Favorite Pinup: Jayne Mansfield

Favorite Comedian: Robin Williams

Other hobbies: Basketball, Racquetball

Car: Mercedes E55 (i wish)

Occupation: Consultant

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My name is Verdi a.k.a cornboy3

Age: 15

Favourite game: Halo3

Favourite OS: Debian & Win7

Favourite console: Xbox running XBMC

Nationality: Canadian

Accent: English (canadian)

Sex: Male

Race: Whatever canadian is

Height: > 6ft

Build: Round

Favourite band: Basshunter/pronobozo

Favourite book: Harry Potter

Favourite author: J.K. Rowling

Favourite movie: The Matrix/ The new StarTrek

Favourite director: Dunno

Favourite TV Show: Eureka

Favourite actor: N/A

Favourite actress: N/A

Favourite Pinup: Jessica Alba

Favourite Comedian: Russell Peters

Other hobbies: Programming, Intelligent Discussion, Watching Hak5, Learning, Go Karting, Graphic Design, and Computer Repair.

Car: N/A Don't even have my license yet

Occupation: Honours Student

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I am JaEd.

Favorite game: TF2 / L4D

Favorite OS: Win2K, CentOs, Gentoo

Favorite console: Dreamcast

Nationality: American

Accent: Midwestern?

Sex: Male

Age: 18-25, the get raped by insurance company's age range.

Race: The Internet.

Height: Tall enough.

Status: Taken.

Build: Ectomorph

Favorite band: I will never be able to decide.

Favorite book: Farenheit 451 & Brave New World

Favorite author: Aldous Huxley

Favorite movie: Hackers... oh the classic corniness.

Favorite director: Robert Rodriguez

Favorite TV Show: as of now.. Fringe.

Favorite actor: dont care.

Favorite actress: dont care.

Favorite Pinup: nope.

Favorite Comedian: dont care.

Other hobbies: Learning, Computers, Working with anything of the mechanical nature.... using my hands alot to make shit. Oh and as of late Modern Arnis.

Car: POS Cavalier

Occupation: "Technical Support Specialist" & Student.

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My name is Kasper a.k.a Bo!nQ*

Favourite game: uuh... right now BattleField 2

Favourite OS: N/A

Favourite console: PS3!

Nationality: Danish

Accent: Danish

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Race: White Dane

Height: 196 cm

Status: Single

Favourite singer: a danish rapper called L.O.C

Favourite book: I don't read books ;P

Favourite movie: Hackers ;)

Favourite director: Steven Spielberg NO DOUBT!

Favourite TV Show: South Park

Favourite actor: I don't really know

Favourite actress: I don't really know

Favourite Pinup: N/A

Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook! or a danish one called Michael Schøt

Hobbies: Hacking, building things

Car: Not old enough ;P (its 18 in Denmark)

Occupation: Studying

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