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Favourite game: Lunar: Silver Star Story (PSone game)

Favourite OS: XP

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: English

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Race: White

Height: 6

Status: Single

Build: Normal

Favourite band: L'arc en Ciel

Favourite book: The Dresden Files

Favourite author: Jim Butcher

Favourite movie: Tropic Thunder

Favourite director: Don't care....

Favourite TV Show: The Office

Favourite actor: Chuck Norris! Hah....

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Pinup: dunno

Favourite Comedian: Jeff Dunham (DONE HAM!)

Other hobbies and interests: Anime, karaoke , japanese music, computers and networking, gaming, table top RPGs, and alot of other stuff

Car: Scion xB

Occupation: Network Admin and a Student

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Favourite game: Shinning Force 1 or 2 / FFantasy Tactics

Favourite OS: OSX

Favourite console: Ps2

Nationality: American

Accent: Odd Mixture, I had a British Nanny. So it is somewhat weird.

Sex: Male

Age: 27

Race: Black

Height: 5’10.5”

Status: Married

Build: Built

Favourite band: Braid, Placebo, The Locust, Venetian Snares, Telepopmusik, Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz (any Bossa Nova)

Favourite book: A Picture of Dorian Gray

Favourite author: Oscar Wilde,William Gibson,Plato

Favourite movie: Interview with a Vampire (vampire obsession)And Audrey Hepburn Movie(Audrey Hepburn obssession)

Favourite director: -

Favourite TV Show: Blood Ties

Favourite actor: Dean Martin

Favourite actress: Audrey Hepburn

Favourite Pinup: Marilyn Monroe

Favourite Comedian: -

Other hobbies: Reading, Street BMX, Parkour, Playing/Making Music, Working Out, Survivalism, Clothes, and Car Racing.

Car: 94 FD Rx7(drift car) 2001 Nissan Sentra (Daily Driver)

Occupation: Help Desk

Political Party: -

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Been watching since season 1 but haven't registered until now. 2nd post.

Favourite OS: Mac OS X (and Linux)

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: Swedish

Accent: "Stockholmska" or Swedish

Sex: Male

Age: 17

Race: White

Height: 190cm

Build: Average

Favourite author: Stephen King

Favourite movie: Horror, Thrillers

Favourite director: Steven Spielberg

Favourite TV Shows: IT Crowd, Big Bang Theory,

Favourite comedian: Magnus Betnér (Swedish)

Hobbies: Watching TV?

Occupation: High School, IT consultant (own business)

Political Party: Liberal conservative

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My real name is a (badly kept) secret, but I do use the alias kenny_lex, but in this forum I uses a name that gives me a more correct description of me.

Favourite game: Mahjong

Favourite OS: LinuxMint and Back|Track

Favourite console:

Nationality: SE, Sweden

Sex: Male, I think

Age: To freaking old

Race: That silly sort

Status: Free, as in to geeky to get a girl.

Favourite band: None, maybe something classical like Sex Pistols.

Favourite book: Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy

Favourite movie: "The Big Lobowski" and "Dogma".

Favourite TV Show: BSG, Monk and Dexter

hobbies: Draw Cartoons, Photography, being Pwn by 1337s

Occupation: Office worker (Non computer related).

Things that irritate me: That someone did say that the pineapple was a ninja, but it is dressed like a Viking.

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hi all my name is jonas a.k.a jesus

Favourite game: My Little Pony: Zelda, UT99

Favourite OS: Ubuntu, Backtrack, Windows ME, XP

Favourite console: Atari 2600, NES, Super NES, Wii

Nationality: USA

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 45 10"

Status: Single

Build: skinny

Favorite band:kmfdm< beatles, White zombie,Sublime to name a few

Favorite book: way to many to list

Favourite movie: Fight club

Favourite author: Lots

Favourite TV Show: that 70s show or family guy

Other hobbies: just about anything with computers, working on my car eben tho im not that great at it

Car: 1991 honda civic lx

Occupation: computer tech

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Hello Hak5 forum goers. I came across a link to a Hak5 episode in another forum and now I am hooked. Very good podcast. I have watched about 10 episodes and now I am checking out the various community portals. I signed on to the IRC channel on mint, it looks like there is one on rev3 as well, what gives with that? Well I will get my idle on. Not much chatting going on right now over there so I thought I would check out the forums.

My name is Brian aka 5ive/Five

Favourite game: COD4

Favourite OS: OSX

Favourite console: Wii

Other hobbies: Snowboarding/Mountain Biking

Car: Jetta / Cargo Van

Occupation: small business owner, IT/AV Services

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My name is Tommy a.k.a. Liberation a.k.a. Green (my typical game handle)

Favourite game: HL(1&2 & CS etc.)

Favourite OS: don't have one.

Favourite console: PSP (only if it's hacked, otherwise it's only 1/2 PSP)

Nationality: Canadian (yet another)

Accent: back country Nova Scotian, more of a slur but we all talk like that so I guess it's an accent xD lolz.

Sex: Dood

Age: old enough to buy booze anywhere

Race: White Canadian

Favourite band: In Flames / The Prodigy

Favourite book: FireFox 3.0 :P

Favourite author: the internets

Favourite movie: Akira (wewt)

Favourite TV Show: Heroes!

Favourite Comedian: Rick Mercer / John Stewart / Stephen Colbert

Other hobbies: Embedded Electronics, C++, any random shiz with my PC really.

Car: 2001 Sunfire that somehow still only has 75,000km on it

Occupation: Mooch :'(

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My name is David Leonard, and here is my introduction:

Favourite game: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Favourite OS: I use OS X as my main, but Linux and Windows have their place and are very important.

Favourite console: Xbox 360 FTW

Nationality: American

Accent: The Texan that left Texas.

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Race: White Canadian

Favourite band: Disturbed / Slipknot / Godsmack

Favourite book: Too many to count.

Favourite author: Too many to count.

Favourite movie: Most Recently Watchmen.

Favourite TV Show: Chuck

Favourite Comedian: Stephen Colbert / George Carlin / Jeff Dunham

Other hobbies: Web Development/Graphics Development. AIR Applications.

Car: 1991 Buick Century (that currently does not run)

Occupation: Developer (Web/Icon/Graphics) and High School Student

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Name: Jake a.k.a Destro

Favourite OS: OSX and Linux

Favourite console: 360

Nationality: American (and lots of others)

Accent: American

Sex: Male

Age: 14

Race: A little bit of everything!

Height: 5’11

Status: Single

Build: Lean

Favourite band: Sum 41, Sublime, Modest Moust, and pretty much anything but country and classical!

Other hobbies: Just going to leave it at- anything having to do with computers!

Transportation: Walking, bus, and train

Job: Working on it. Student as of now.

Political Party: Not old enough to vote.

Goals: Go into computer field (not exactly sure details yet) and hopefully one day be able to walk in the foot steps of Hak5.

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meh.... :wacko:



Welcome. Family Guy rules!

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Welcome. Family Guy rules!

Thanks for the welcome... Been watching for about 6 months via my TiVo (need to mention this to others on the show!!)... and wish I'd found it sooner - Think Rev3 and H5 are the wave of the future as far as TV goes.... that is if someone doesn't get busted for the Pineapple first LOL -

Last nights family guy was awesome!



PS: How can I download a prev program from Rev3 (or H5) to save to my iPod? It gives the option to "download" but when I select that, it just pops a new window and starts playing (version) on there - Sorry for such a stupid/n00b Q - but would like to save one...

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Ok I am aka thedude. If you want to know my real name then check my underware lol. Favorite game: Not enough space to share =)

Favorite OS: Dont hate me, Windows XP xP

Favorite console: Xbox 360 then Nintendo

Nationality: American

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Race: white

Height: 6 2

Status: Board

Favorite band: Anything that rocks

Favorite book: There are still books......

Favorite author: Does web autho count?

Favorite movie: Stay Alive

Favorite TV Show: Man Show

Favorite actor: Jackie Chan DONT MESS WITH THE CHAN

Favorite Comedian: Gabrial Inglasius (dont know how to spell)

Other hobbies: talking to real people

Car: 1995 POS

Occupation: Freelance computer Assistance

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hi all my name is jonas a.k.a jesus

Occupation: computer tech

Don;t tell anyone.. my name is jesus too! :-)

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Occupation: Freelance computer Assistance

I could use some computer Assistance.That's why I'm here. :)

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Hi my names Stevie nick nontocksic.

Favourite game: Fallout3

Favourite OS: xp/ubuntu

Favourite console: Atari 2600/Mega Drive 2

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Prolly Australian

Sex: Male

Birth Date: 9th July 1984

Race: Australian

Height: 6'0"

Status: Happily married

Build: Starting to shows signs of letting myself go athelticish.

Favourite band: too many to mention. mainly the 70-80's.

Favourite book: Any of the dummies books helping expand my brain.

Favourite author: The tech gurus of the world posting in threads like these.

Favourite movie: Donnie Darko/Hackers.

Favourite director: ni

Favourite TV Show: Hak5

Favourite actor: Jake Gyllenhal

Favourite actress: Milla Jovovich

Favourite Pinup: Tux

Favourite Comedian: Russel Brand

Other hobbies: Being pwned by any l33t h4x0rz who are willing to teach me something, all aspects of computing.

Car: 1996 Holden Commodore

Occupation: Leading Hand for piling company/ Longing to return to a career in computers/networking.

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Wewt! Another Canuck here, found Hak5 a month or so ago and only just got up the nerve to get active in the Forums. I'm not really anything you would call a hacker. Just like to play on my 'puter all day long :P hahaha. srsly though I'm working on learning C++/# and Java and Python and am always messing with different things on my desktop, destroying it, fixing it (virtual machines FTW), etc etc. Haven't been much into video games for a few years now, for some reason people think that's odd for a 23 year old... but I wouldn't mind getting into the old CS 1.6 or DoD(non-source) with any of you guys if you could suggest a server that would be awesome. Other than that BS I have nothing else to say about myself. xD p/o!

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Hey all, im er3bus, or a number of other aliases, I've watched the show for 4 or 5 episodes.

Favourite game: Half Life 2(I know, I'm not much of a gamer though)

Favourite OS: Slackware FTW

Favourite console: SNES baby

Nationality: All of them

Accent: white?

Sex: Male

Age: 16

Race: pasty white

Height: 5' 3"

Status: Very Single

Build: Slackware 12.0

Favourite band: Disturbed, or Ratatat, or something

Favourite book: Art of Intrusion

Favourite author: kevin mitnick

Favourite movie: Hackers 2: Takedown(JK...I Can't even type it with a straight face)

Favourite director: Del Toro

Favourite TV Show: The Office(UK and US)

Favourite actor: Darren Kitchen...er somebody

Favourite actress: Your Mom

Favourite Pinup: really, who has a favorite?

Favourite Comedian: Dane Cook

Other hobbies: Hacking you, Web Design, Game Design, 3D Graphics, finding legal ways to get out of stuff

Car: Cement Truck

Occupation: student <----fail

anywhoo, that may have been the weirdest personality profile I've ever filled out, but hey, that would be me in a box. Love the show, love the site, excited to start being a part of the community.

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Hi... I'm old.

My name is Graham aka CyKeD

Favourite game: TF2

Favourite OS: Slackware

Favourite console: Xbox360

Nationality: American

Accent: Midwestern?

Sex: Male


Race: Mutt

Height: 8' 11"

Status: Single

Build: Very fat

Favourite band: Tool

Favourite book: Shampoo Planet

Favourite author: Doug Coupland

Favourite movie: High School Musical 1,2, and 3!!

Favourite director: none

Favourite TV Show: Hannah Montanah

Favourite actor: Zac Efron

Favourite actress: Ashley Tisdale

Favourite Pinup: Boy George

Favourite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Non

Car: 01 Toyota Echo

Occupation: Rape bystander

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Hello Im El14z3r or for those few of you that dont speek awesome Eliazer

No its nto my real name

iv never hacked anything ever thought it might be fun though

favorite game : Halo 3 and WoW



other hobbies:gaming

favorite band:all american rejects/bowling for soup

im not quite sure how things work aroud here but i hope to find out


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