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Oh man, I never did this...

nullArray, Clark

Favourite game: Chrono Trigger/FF7/Portal/Other Classics from my childhood

Favourite OS: OS X

Favourite console: Wii (includes n64/SNES/NES :)), although the 360 isn't bad either

Nationality: Sweedish/Norwegian/German/British

Accent: Midwest..., so none

Sex: Male


Race: White..., but isn't nationality the same thing?

Height: 6'0" last I checked, a year ago, I hope I'm taller now, that'd be awesome

Status: Single

Build: Vrrry thin

Favourite band: Electronic, Synthpop..., and Folk, no specific band

Favourite book: The Machine Stops

Favourite author: N/A

Favourite movie: Big Trouble in Little China

Favourite director: I don't pay attention, so I have no idea

Favourite TV Show: Good Eats with Alton Brown

Favourite actor: I don't care

Favourite actress: I don't care

Favourite Pinup: STEVE JOBS

Favourite Comedian: Demitri Martin

Other hobbies: Twitter, tech, programming, classes, homework, stuff

Car: Public Transportation

Occupation: Student Systems Administrator, Undergrad TA, iPhone Developer (thought I've made no money yet)

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Hey, I'm Klaatu (Inspired by the old movie, not the remake).

Favourite game: Every Half-Life, Portal, Doom (All but the third)

Favourite OS: I'm not partial to anything yet.

Favourite console: PS2 I guess (I'm a PC gamer.)

Nationality: US

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: Old enough to eat cornbread and not choke.

Race: White American

Height: 6'2"

Status: Single

Build: Tall

Favourite band: The Doors

Favourite book: 1984, The Catcher In The Rye

Favourite author: Whoever gets the point across in a creative way

Favourite movie: Cool Hand Luke

Favourite director: Don't have one.

Favourite TV Show: Hockey Games, NCIS

Favourite actor: Paul Newman, I guess.

Favourite actress: Don't have one.

Favourite Pinup: Don't have one

Favourite Comedian: Bill Hicks

Other hobbies: Digital Art

Car: Don't have one

Occupation: Student now, I was volunteering at a Technology Center in the Computer Repair Class.

Other: Thanks in advance for any computer knowledge that I might gain from any of you. I don't think I'll know enough to help in most of the topics on this forum, but I learn fast and don't ask many questions (in most cases).

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My name is Chad.... but you can call me Chad

Favorite game: Solitaire

Favorite OS: windows 3.11

Favorite console: N-64 (woop woop)

Nationality: American

Accent: Your the one with the accent

Sex: Depends

Age: 25

Race: Who's driving what?

Height:Taller than short but shorter than tall

Status: Booting

Build: With legos

Favorite band: rubber bands

Favorite book: I haven't written it yet

Favorite author: Me... soon

Favorite movie:I was told to keep this PG-13 so I will stop at that

Favorite TV Show: TV guide Channel

Favorite actor: Billy Maze (that guy that sales all the junk on tv)

Other hobbies: Don't have any, can I use one of yours

Occupation: What???

:rolleyes: Just trying to keep it fun... don't be haten

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Hi... i've been watching the show for awhile and love it. Went back and watch S1 and all the other episodes I had missed.

I am interested in the field of security but my primary focus is administration, technical support, and programming. Security is more of a hobby for me to study about in my spare time. I am from Arizona and am pursuing a degree in computer science. I currently hold 3 certs which are CompTIA's A+, Network+, and Security+.

Never registered on the forums so here I am :)

I'm really good about helping others when I have the knowledge to do so, so glad to be a part (offically) of the community!

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Hi my name is system0dwn

Favourite game: Hrmm... been a while since i had time to game... Road Rash for Sega?!

Favourite OS: Linux (Ubuntu distro), Forced into using Windows most of the time though.

Favourite console: Sega

Nationality: American

Accent: I'm from the midwest, I'm told we don't have accents.

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Race: This American = English + Irish + ?

Height: 5' 4"

Status: Single

Build: Athletic

Favorite band: 311

Favorite book: The Hobbit, The Republic, The Giver

Favorite author: J.R.R Tolkien

Favorite movie: "Phantom of The Opera, Andrew Lloyd Webber's"

Favorite director: Kevin Smith

Favorite TV Show: McGuyver, Entourage

Favorite actor: Gerard Butler (in Phantom of The Opera. But ya he was badass in '300' too)

Favorite Comedian: Dane Cook, Jack Black

Other hobbies: Experiencing everything, Rock Climbing, Kayaking (Ocean), Camping, "hacking", Reading, Figuring out how things work

Car: 1971 Ford Mustang

Occupation: US Marine

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My name is Tim aka Timmay313

Favourite game: CSS, Crysis, Call of Duty

Favourite OS: Vista (yes i like it ok!) waiting for 7 to release!

Favourite console: If it plays a game i have it or had it (still have atari running)

Nationality: Irish and German (a drinking problem waiting to happen)


Sex: Male

Age: younger than i feel most days

Race: White American

Height: 6'

Status: single

Favourite band: Depends on the day I listen to it all

Favourite book: The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of the Teenage Hacker

Favourite author:

Favourite movie: Boondock saints! any movie that messes with your head a bit, and who doesnt like Romantic comedy really?

Favourite TV Show: The Unit

Favourite actor: Brad pit (loved how he plays the slightly off roles like the crazy guy in 12 monkeys)

Favourite actress: kate hudson

Favourite Pinup: Pinup? really? come on now

Other hobbies: video games, fishing in the summer, skiing in the winter

Car: 1994 Ford F250 4x4 (rusted out and running great!)

Occupation: Network Admin for Public School district (attempting to guide the little hackers in the right


Favorite quote: "no i am just kidding,... but seriously..."

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Favourite game: Team Fortress 2

Favourite OS: Windows 7

Favourite console: Wii

Nationality: Irish, italian

Accent: new england

Sex: Male


Height: 5' 11"

Status: Single

Build: muscular

Favourite TV Show: House

Favourite Comedian:

Other hobbies: Out door sports, lifting, and riding my motorcycle

Car: VW Rabbit

Occupation: Systems Developer

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My name is Andreas

known handles: nvrmnd, knaSen|

Favourite game: BF2, CS, wow.

Favourite OS: BeOS

Favourite console: xbox, psp

Nationality: Swedish

Accent: Swenglish

Sex: Male


Height: 185 cm

Status: Single

Build: a "few" extra pounds.

Favourite band: Disturbed

Favourite book: I dont read books.

Favourite author: Dunno.

Favourite movie: I've got a few of them...

Favourite director: None

Favourite TV Show: CSI, Hell's kitchen

Other hobbies: Photography

Car: The Bus

Occupation: Seller and head of RMA at a computerstore.

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I'm 2Tall4U AKA TooTall4U

My Favorite Game: Crysis

Favorite OS: XP Pro 32 bit

Nationality: Irish, Native American

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Height: 5' 9"

Status: Single (D$mit)

Build: 10 lbs over weight

Favorite Bands: Stone Temple Pilots, Deftones

Favorite Author: Devise

Favorite Pinup: Jessica Alba

She's the hottest girl in the world, and perhaps even the hottest girl in L.A.

Favorite quote: "I'm going to the only place where I only have to pay a dollar to see a nak$# lady dance"

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Name is Matt aka fusi0n

Favourite game: playing w/ computers

Favourite OS: Linux (Ubuntu)

Favourite console: PC

Nationality: Americano

Accent: n/a

Sex: Male

Age: 24

Race: n/a

Height: 5' 10"

Status: Single

Build: built

Favourite band: Pendulum

Favourite book: 1984

Favourite author: Anthony Burgess

Favourite movie: Snatch

Favourite director: Tarantino

Favourite TV Show: Burn Notice atm

Favourite actor: n/a

Favourite actress: n/a

Favourite Pinup: Arielle Kebbel

Favourite Comedian: n/a

Other hobbies: rock climbing/backpacking/shooting my guns

Car: none

Occupation: IT Tech Support Specialist - Global Infrastructure Service Delivery - Contractor for Marathon Oil Company

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My name is Jared aka Jaxizz

Favorite game: Fallout tactics: BOS

Favorite OS: Human Circulatory system

Favorite console: PC

Nationality: American Meat sickle

Accent: Coloradan

Sex: Male


Height: 6'7"

Status: single :blink:

Build: BMI 32.7

Favorite band: Serj Tankian

Favorite book: Zombie Survival Guide

Favorite author: Isacc Asimov

Favorite movie: Punisher

Favorite TV Show: Legend Of the Seeker

Favorite actor: Bruce Campbell

Favorite actress: Jessica Alba

Favorite Pinup: Linda Cardellini

Favorite Comedian: George Carlin

Other hobbies: Gaming, restoring Vehicles, Manga, General creating stuff

like installing Subs for my jeep

Car: 1996 Jeep Cherokee, 1970 Scout 800A

Occupation: Student/ Sercuity/ resident of earth

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My name is Juan A.K.A. oO_Mista_Oo & Juani

Favorite game: Metal Gear Solid & Half Life

Favorite OS: PCLinuxOS & BackTrack

Nationality: Colombian

Accent: Colombian

Sex: Male


Race: Latin - Hispanic

Height: 6' 2"

Status: Single <_<

Build: Not Beach Body But Not Ugly Fat

Favorite book: Five People You Meet In Heaven, Cathedral & Bazaar, The Richest Person in Babylon, Angels & Demons

Favorite movie: Underworld, Hackers, Madagascar, Armaggedon, It, Quarantine.

Favorite director: M. Night Shyamalan, Quentin Tarantino, Guillermo Del Toro, Benicio Del Toro.

Favourite TV Show: Scrubs, House, The Daily Show, Colbert Report, Whose line is it anyways, Leverage, The Shield.

Favourite actress: Kate Beckinsale, Elizabeth Banks, Natalie Portman, Milla Jovovich Jesica Alba, Eva Mendes.

Favourite Comedian: Kathy, Griffin, Carlos Mencia, Andres Lopez, Bernie Mac(RIP),

Other hobbies: Playing Basketball, Reading, Clubbing, Surfing the Web, Listening 2 Music, Eating, Shopping 4 Geeky Gadgets.

Car: Mazda 626

Occupation: Student, Valet, PC & Network Technician, IT Consultant.

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Favourite game: Final fantasy 7/10, Persona 3/4, Suikoden and Vandal Hearts

Favourite OS: Xp Pro/Ubuntu

Favourite console: ps2

Nationality: Australia (I am big down under... sorry I so had to say it) XD

Accent: Bogan Aussie talk.

Sex: Male


Race: Aussie (well half Irish and Scottish back ground)

Height: 5'10"

Status: In a relationship with chinse/jap girl (yellow FEVER) WTF is hak 5 the new myspace?

Build: skinny

Favourite band: Blood hound gang, Ale storm, Motley Crew, Guns n rose's, Disturbed and a bit of japanese shit.

Favourite book: I the book is any good it will come out on dvd.

Favourite author: n/a

Favourite movie: Matrix, Hackers, War Games, Take down, A sense of freedom, Terminator and a whole bunch of anime.

Favourite director: I don't pay to much attention to who directs a movie.

Favourite TV Show: Robot Chicken, Heroes, Terminator Sarah connor, IT crowd and Fat pizza.

Favourite actor: Don't have one, I don't believe in watching movies just because some actor is in it. plot and content all the way

Favourite actress: see above

Favourite Pinup: see above

Favourite Comedian: Russel Peters, Kevin bloody wilson and eric banner when he was playing chooper reed.

Other hobbies: Movies, Drawing, Cricket, games, drinking shagging (the standard bloke stuff).

Car: I don't have one as yet, no need.

Occupation: I was managing a Video (dvd) store but quit as of last year to study full time.

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Favourite game: BF 1942

Favourite OS: Life

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: Australia

Accent: Queensland aye

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 170 or 180cm

Build: Solid and Overweight

Favourite band: Brooks And Dunn

Favourite book: Fuck that shit. Queensland educated!

Favourite author: Fuck that shit. Queensland educated!

Favourite movie: MI2

Favourite director: Ed Quiroz

Favourite TV Show: Swift & Shift couriers.

Favourite actor: J Alba. Booya

Favourite actress: ^^

Favourite Pinup: ^^

Favourite Comedian: Glenn Robins

Other hobbies: I can't afford any. I want a very fast car.

Car: 1994 Triton

Occupation: Plumbing

Political Party: Nationals

I listen to country music, drink xxxx bitter, i hate labor governments, i'm from outback queensland and i plan to return later in life. I appear very mellow but have an incredibly short temper(the internet is very relaxed because i can differeciate between real and the internet). I know a thing or two about computers. I FUCKING HATE DO GOODERS SO WATCH THE FUCK OUT(on the internet or in real life).

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Favourite game: GRID

Favourite OS: As far as windows goes, Windows 7 although I would driop windows toally for linnux if it ran my games :(. I use debian or gentoo on my laptop.

Favourite console: Terminator ;)

Nationality: Australian

Accent: Queensland aye

Sex: Male


Race: White

Height: 178cm

Build: Solid and a little overweight

Favourite band: ONYX

Favourite book: Hannibal

Favourite author: I love too many genres to choose.

Favourite movie: Serial killer movies

Favourite director:

Favourite TV Show: Dexter, the Sopranos, IPTV

Favourite actor: Sir Anthony Hopkins

Favourite actress: ?

Favourite Pinup: Cars

Favourite Comedian: Billy Connoly

Other hobbies: I can't afford any. I want a very fast car.

Car: VG Commodore ute

Occupation: IT Tech support for Energy provider and also qualified carpenter.

Political Party: Won't list my political preferences here :D

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LOL A Aussie hat trick, let the invasion begin XD

internet is very relaxed because i can differentiate between real and the internet).

Correction the internet is relaxing due to it having a Block User option, real life needs this feature as well as a CTRL Z for them drunken nights out.

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My name is Nick a.k.a HellTempest

Favorite game: F.E.A.R. 2

Favorite console: XBox 360, Super NES for nostalgia

Nationality: Portuguese/German

Accent: American

Sex: Male


Height: 5' 9"

Status: Single

Build: Lean

Favorite band: Red Blood Throne

Favorite book: Legend Of Drizzt II: Exile.

Favorite author: R.A. Salvatore.

Favorite movie: American Gangster

Favorite TV Show: Samurai Jack

Favorite actor: Denzel Washington

Hobbies: Gaming, building computers, trolling, watching old tv shows.

Car: Bus, subway, or feet due to living in the city.

Occupation: Student, IT

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My name lopez1364

Favourite game: Earthbound, COD4 & COD5

Favourite OS: Windows XP and Ubuntu

Favourite console: SNES and XBOX360

Nationality: Hispanic

Sex: Male

Age: 26

Height: 5'10"

Status: Married

Build: Muscular

Favourite band: Modest Mouse

Favourite book: The Da Vinci Code

Favourite author: Dan Brown and John Grisham

Favourite movie: A Few Good Men

Other hobbies: Brazilian JiuJitsu, working out, hangin with my wife and son

Car: 2007 Nissan Titan

Occupation: Data Center System Administrator and Freelance Web Designer

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Favourite game: Lunar: Silver Star Story (PSone game)

Favourite OS: XP

Favourite console: PS3

Nationality: English

Accent: Generic

Sex: Male

Age: 23

Race: White

Height: 6

Status: Single

Build: Normal

Favourite band: L'arc en Ciel

Favourite book: The Dresden Files

Favourite author: Jim Butcher

Favourite movie: Tropic Thunder

Favourite director: Don't care....

Favourite TV Show: The Office

Favourite actor: Chuck Norris! Hah....

Favourite actress: Angelina Jolie

Favourite Pinup: dunno

Favourite Comedian: Jeff Dunham (DONE HAM!)

Other hobbies and interests: Anime, karaoke , japanese music, computers and networking, gaming, table top RPGs, and alot of other stuff

Car: Scion xB

Occupation: Network Admin and a Student

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