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Strange link of Shell Companies and Scam credit card sites?


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I can't seem to find any rules on here, so if this is against them. By all means please delete it.

We all see these "3dtoonporn" or "hookup now!" ads on various sites. So following nearly all of these run back to a website under the url securejoinsite.com. (securejoinsite.com/join.php). Going to this url without passing the script values doesn't give you a site. But by following it from another site you'll get a different webpage design, all with the same credit card forum. And the privacy statement takes any value and it'll substitute any url into the privacy statement  (http://securejoinsite.com/notices/terms.php?site=).  Searching through all of the different redirects and every site has a different company. All opened between 2015-2018. All had a director for about 6 months then switched to a different director. All have very little company history or records. And all have different people opening running/opening them. And most have a shareholder holding 100 shares who isn't the director. And all have the director's corespondence address listed as "Second Floor, De Burgh House, Market Road, Wickford, England, SS12 0FD"

So looking into the website's IP address ( lists 643 active domain names leading to it. All lead to the same securejoinsite.com website after following the signup and getting to the credit card entering page. But I found a few pages that listed Calcha Advisory Limited as the company, which only has $97,125 in assets, and they own the domain PAYTIMESORTER.com, which is what will show up on your bank statement should you put in your card to one of these sites. I've also looked into the people listed as directors for the other obvious shell companies and theres nearly no other info on these individuals. I can't even prove any of them exist outside of being a director of one of the companies, and usually one other not linked to this chain. I won't post any names because that's pretty close to doxxing.

Any idea what all these shell companies are for? I'm guessing to help hide where peoples scammed money it going to. It's such a strange link of porn/hookup sites, that all lead to shell companies, which lead to Calcha Advisory Limited which also appears to be a shell company. But I can't find enough info that leads on to what owns them/where their money goes.


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On 9/7/2018 at 11:56 PM, Turion said:

Any idea what all these shell companies are for?

my guess would be to compartmentalize personal information for diversified cash flows.

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