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Can't Get Clients to Connect


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I recently purchased a WiFi Pineapple.  I'm having some issues I'm hoping you can help me with.  Upon arrival I completed the proper setup as I also purchased the guide as well.  I first connected the device on my Linux box no problem (used wp6.sh).  I connected to the web GUI and set everything up.  I used the recon tab and noticed my signal strength was low (-44, -80, etc), I will attach a picture.  I adjusted filtering for clients and SSIDs.  I added one SSID and another was populated by a device.  My first issue is I can't get a client device to connect.  I'm in my residence in the same room as my router.  I noticed when I first start the device I can see the spoofed SSID I added on some of my devices, but it quickly disappears, I had approximately 5 devices running to test this.  At one point I rebooted the pineapple and observed the open spoofed WiFi on my iphone and intentionally connected, my iPhone didn't receive Internet access but it was finally logged under the "clients connected" tab.  The only way I can obtain a client is if I manually connect to it on a device before the SSID disappears.  I've checked my filters (allow vs deny mode) everything appears to be correct.  I do have Internet access as I can see the bulletins and I have downloaded several modules.  I thought maybe it was my Linux box so I tried this on a Windows box with the same results.  I'm hoping you can help me.  I'm not sure why I can't get any clients to connect?  I have "allow associations" and everything else checked under the PineAP.  


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I have rogue AP visible.  Filters set to deauth both. Devices then have to connect with thw rogue AP at their free will (i used my other pc and connected with it).  I cant get any of my devices to connect using the allow associations in the PineAP.  I even removed devices myself and they connect back to the real AP, not to the pineapple.  I heard some peopke saying if the devices nornally connect to an AP via wpa security, they wont connect to the pinapple. Not sure how accurate this is.  

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