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aircrack-ng with ubiquiti antenna


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Hi, i have been looking for the WHOLE internet and it seems that nobody want to do this, my idea is 

to use a wireless adapter aircrack-ng/monitor mode compatible, and take off its own antenna and instead of it

to use a long range antenna like the ubiquiti nano station antena, so it catches the wifi signals up to 5 miles away

and i can use them with the aircrack-ng suite, 


i really don´t know if i´m been enough clear, however, i want to know if this can be done.

thanks you guys for any help on this one.

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This has been done for years.  There's nothing magic about the ubiquiti antennas, the nanostation's antennas are just patch antennas.  They're also usually built into the same pcb as everything else in the enclosure, so you can't really use them with a different radio.  I do know you can flash openwrt on some of the nanostations, then you can run kismet and whatnot directly on them.

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