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Do Hackers Hack out of Spite?


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The question is self-explanatory...

I left my job last month and ever since, I think I have been a target of several attacks from my former boss. This person has keys to the kingdom though so it was really easy. He could access my machine at work because he was an executive of the IT department. I was careful not to access Facebook at work. I did take my personal laptop to work once, so I'm thinking he sniffed for data when I was on their network. What hackers can get amazes me after going through this fiasco.

I had my emails and social media accounts accessed right after leaving. I even had my websites compromised. There was even one day where both servers on two different platforms were sent several packets of data causing 100% CPU spikes. I matched the data and saw that these were attacked on the same day within minutes of one another. When I log the IP addresses on the HostGator cPanel, I find that they happen from dark web IP addresses or recycled IP addresses. I mean, of course a hacker isn't going to use their real IP address. 

My former boss knew I had AWS and where to find my personal blogs that were hosted on HostGator. I had all my instances on AWS "fuzzed" per say. Maybe he found them through the same subnet, who knows. The other instances were just IP addresses and did not have domains to them. They were brand new.

I am going to go with my gut instinct and say, yes he's targeting me out of spite. I can't prove he's behind these attacks,  but I just feel that it's all related. It just feels like I'm being personally attacked and it didn't start until 2 days after I left my last position. He wasn't very happy I resigned from the position as he ghosted me entirely on social media and every form of online communication.

 It really has woke my eyes up and made me realize that when you're a target, there's just no way escaping it.  I'm really starting to question how much he found out hacking me. My personal computer might even be infected. Sorry this is a long rant, but I'm just over it.

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Maybe confront him first, stating you will go to the authorities. Then change all your passwords. Maybe it isnt him? If it was would he admitt, it probly not.

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It may or may not be him. There is a lot of work going into trying to break into "cloud" technology ( There is no cloud... it is just someone else's computer), especially Amazon. The only thing you can really do at this point is change all your passwords and from now on always use some sort of encryption when not on a "trusted" network.

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