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WEP cracking using WiFi Pineapple


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Not from what I've seen, no.

I can't imagine why there would be a need for one at this point? WEP is a very old encryption standard that has been phased out years ago by WPA/WPA2.

It's too simple / easy to crack in seconds on a computer, it's like the owner is literally screaming "HACK ME PLEASE". I don't see a need for it to be "portable" or "stealth-like". Too outdated.

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1 hour ago, moliata said:

I would like to ask: is there any module for WEP cracking? I mean, a module that would send ARP request packets again and again, then capture those IVs and at the end decrypt the password?

No module, but you do have the Aircrack-ng suite so theoretically possible on the pineapple via terminal. Might be fun to try to see how long that takes ?

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