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Why does Clients tab show no SSID but it gives them an IP?


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I am RickRolling and two questions 

right now I have the attwifi option under open access point. Is there a way to broad cast multiple SSID like occupine but let users connect and b Rick rolled? 

Also like the question says I see people connecting as clients but I am not sure if they are getting rolled :) don’t see anything in the logs in ththe GUI 

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If you are using PineAP to perform a karma attack you won't need to actually broadcast the SSID's.

On the PineAP tab enable associations, and also enable respond to beacons.

Then go to the filter tab and make sure it's in Deny mode (as in, it's denying all MAC addresses in the filter pool and if that pool is empty it will allow all clients to connect).

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