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New USB Tool Idea Un-Responsive Drive


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I have come up with another USB vector attack. This involves a flash drive which has had it's firmware tampered with in such a way that it allows the user to copy files to it, but after a number of plug in's the flash drive becomes unresponsive. I am not sure if this would require special firmware, or multiple sd cards to accomplish this. Another alternative is the same idea except with a remote wifi shut-off switch. The idea is that somebody stops by with promotional flash drives, which work, then they shut off all of a sudden and end up in the user's trash bin. Such a device would require a push button in order for the hacker to re-access the contents. Wifi cards are relatively small, I have one I use for my raspberry pi's which is small outline. Approximately the size of my thumb nail. If practical please consider making this to add to the arsenal. If one goes the SD route, one could be the data SD, and the other could contain some sort of file which contains the number of times the drive has been plugged, or other such info. If one goes the wifi route one could turn it off via a rouge AP.

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