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I have just bought my first Rubber Ducky. And have a question.

My intended use is one of awareness. To show what is possible and how a machine can be vulnerable in order to provoke thought and discussion.  I know that I can write a payload and once inserting the ducky into the target machine it will execute.  My question is, could I write a payload and pre position the file onto a target machine so that I may call the file either remotely or by a nefarious shortcut activated by the locally logged on user?

The benefit to me if I can do this is that I can have multiple payloads, showing different things, without having to use multiple Rubber Ducky and inserting the USB each time.

Thank you  and I look forward to your replies.

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25 minutes ago, Rkiver said:

Hello there,


Every piece of hardware Hak5 produce has it's own section.

You mentioned the USB Rubber Ducky: https://forums.hak5.org/forum/56-usb-rubber-ducky/


Duly posted in the correct forum.

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