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I had the Nano turned on with no antennas; how serious?


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Received my Nano yesterday, am busy discovering how to use it.

Today, after connecting to it via wifi (with the antennas on it), for some reason i had the antennas off, and then plugged it into my laptop via the USB and was doing some learning... with no antennas for about 10 minutes.

I realized after 10 minutes that my phone was picking up the broadcast ID for the management AP, duh! Which means the Nano had been transmitting (what, 10x per second?).

So i wonder how much damage that did. I know from amateur radio, can't xmit without an antenna. ... I measured the Nano's signal strength by walking around with my phone and a wiFi signal strength app, and the Nano was putting out maybe 10dBm less than my ISP-router, and i went outside & i still got a signal thru 3 walls 60 ft away.

So anyway, thanks for any comments. Harsh comments okay too.   --orrin

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Ja, if this were an amateur radio transmitting for 10 minutes with no antenna, the RF finals would be fried.

I just have no idea what the radios inside the Nano were 'experiencing' during ten minutes.

I didn't do a "before and after" signal strength test, so it's hard to say if any damage was done. The unit is still functional.

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