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Hacking phone that connect fair wifi

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Hi for this topic i already ask in forum but doesn't help . As what i discuss with my leader he insist me to find a way to hack the phone and then he only decide want to use it or not .He want me to provide solution but not telling him is illegal and cannot do it .  (For this topic i would like to know is there any way to get phone data that connected to my wifi router ? Example for website they surf , what picture they sent through email or whatsapp all those . Not taking their personal account and password of course . Cause this is the scenario , our company will held a cooking fair and everyone can be joining , include our competitor , thus i would like to know if they connect to the wifi we created , is there anyway to get their data so that we know if our competitor is around and if they taken photo of our food recipe and sent back to their company . I know it is not really legal but just want to check if there is anyway or substitution to prevent competitor to steal our data , cause it is a fair so we must be showing out our recipe .)

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Yes there is. You simply post a sign saying "no cellphones", and confiscate them if they have them, and give them back after the event is over. If you don't want them to send data out, don't give them a hotspot to begin with. As far as blocking cellphone comms, forget it. Just trying to do so, is illegal (Think personal / micro GSM Cell site tower routing data and calls to a black hole in the ground.)

If they use your wifi, you can try and log the data in transit, and only IF you tell them you do so, and they accept some form of monitoring in the case they are using your wifi. But, even so, it's wrong to do so, and it's easy for them to bypass (VPN anyone?)

It can be done, but not legally. I would highly suggest you think of another way all in all, and your boss does the same. Easier to forbid the use of cellphones under the event. But for corporate espionage into the competition, well, thats another game, something you have to research for yourself. Just dont come crying here, when both of you end up behind bars 😉 


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If your boss won't listen to "it's illegal" tell him "it's not possible", he can't force you to do it if you don't know how.

If it's your fair, you set the rules ban any recording devices.

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