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Bash Bunny Usb Exfiltration Issue


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Im fairly new to the Bash Bunny and am having some trouble getting the Usb Exfiltration Payload to work. These are the steps I have followed thus far.

1: Install firmware/Update firmware.

2: Download usb exfiltration payload and insert into switch 1 (I have tried payload in both switches).

3: Eject properly and test payload with bashbunny turned to appropriate switch position.

After that the Bash Bunny creates a loot folder but with nothing inside. From other posts I have noticed the keyboard language might be an issue along with d.cmd file (cutting out the time stamp to solve it).


Would anyone care to help shed some light on these issues for me? Greatly appreciated.

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Personally, I haven't tested any exfiltration payloads (yet) but I have noticed that one of my payloads takes more time than I actually thought to carry out and complete.

When the LED turns 'green', give it a few more seconds as their might be some delay in gathering, compiling and exporting data into the loot folder.

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Hi there, 

It looks like you are asking about a piece of hardware that Hak5 make.

Every thing they make has it's own subsection in the forums, and that's the best place to ask questions and find answers.


You've mentioned: Bash Bunny.

Forum is at : https://forums.hak5.org/forum/92-bash-bunny/

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