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Audio Capture to line through?


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okay, so what ive got set up is a logitech Wireless media center thing, were the data from my HDTV's AV out is connected to the transmiter of the Media center, then transmites to the reciver in my room, wich is then connected into a "Belkin USB Video Bus II".

The video is streaming through and working fine (qual is low but i only want it in a small window) though the audio does not stream, if i go into recording and press record then it records perfectly, though im wanting it for live streaming not recording, im rather sertant this is so that you dont get chat back when recording. This also occurs with a mic as well for the chat back reason.

so any one got any ideas on how to make a Audio Recording device, play through the speakers? (preferably software wise)

Im using MS-XP SP2.

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