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Right Click with a keyboard (in windows??)


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Ok, I just grabbed a laptop (my dad brought it to me used) it's an hp pavilion zel250. However, the right click doesn't work on it, and I just spent 400 on a new desktop, so... I need to find a way (either free software or something that is already with windows) that will allow me to right click in an alternate manner. Either by remapping the right click to the keyboard or holding down a combination of keys while left clicking. So, if anyone has any suggestions, please drop me a line. Thanks.

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There is a button on the keyboard that does this... it's kind of looks like a typical right click menu... on a standard keyboard it's to the right of the space bar.

Yeah, I know, I was using firefox, and I was unable to right click pictures to save them (so I had to use IE and hold the cursor over the image until the save option appeared up in the corner). I hadn't thought about using IE to save them, but I'm still unclear as to how I can right click in Firefox.


Shift+F10 doesn't work, tried it before posting.

Also, tried MouseKeys under accessibility options, though I'm not too clear on how to right click with it.

Edit: Also, If there's a program like Macintosh's SideTrack that is built for Windows, then leave the name of it here if you know it.

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Well, after going through a TON of pages on Download.com, I found a program called Numpad Mouse that has FINALLY solved my problems with this. By turning on NumLock all mouse actions can be controlled with the Numpad, and... :D Hitting the number three on the Numpad right clicks. So this will solve my problem until I save up for a USB mouse (i know, saving for one sounds weird but I'm an unemployed high school student.) Thanks for trying to help everyone, sorry for the more or less useless thread, but I searched forever before posting and finally found the program right afterward.

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