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Hacking phone data that connect to my wifi


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Hi for this topic i would like to know is there any way to get phone data that connected to my wifi router ? Example for website they surf , what picture they sent through email or whatsapp all those . Not taking their personal account and password of course . Cause this is the scenario , our company will held a cooking fair and everyone can be joining , include our competitor , thus i would like to know if they connect to the wifi we created , is there anyway to get their data so that we know if our competitor is around and if they taken photo of our food recipe and sent back to their company . I know it is not really legal but just want to check if there is anyway or substitution to prevent competitor to steal our data , cause it is a fair so we must be showing out our recipe .

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.... OK, I'm going to address some issues with what you're seeking here.

From what I can tell from reading the above, it seems like you're wanting to look for a way to "spy" / "monitor" (hacker for hire?) on your "competitors" during the cooking fair, which has already been stated "illegal" on your other thread. There is absolutely no way you can stop your competitors, employees nor guest from using their personal mobile devices in public. It is their right. Please, consider the advice given on the previous thread you've created and discuss it with your staff / peers. Assuming of course, your scenario is true because its starting to look as if you have other means of intent.

Now, if your story is true and you're literally *that* "paranoid" about it, just hire some event security staff and implement a rule "No photos or video recording" while participating in the fair. People being people, some will abide by it and others won't. Like I said, it's their right to use personal mobile devices ... You have to think of something else other than "monitoring" everyone that comes near the fair. *It's not impossible to do but without knowing / having specific information to look for (if you already have), it will be like hunting for a needle in a hay stack. From what I've learned when I created an account on this site, you will not receive help with any forms of "illegal" activity as what you're describing above.

TL;DR: No. illegal.

* -------------------------

Also, if your "scenario" is just an example of what you're wanting to do on your home network "my wifi router ?", then you should consider consulting with your ISP about monitoring data. Then again, you're able to encrypt traffic so you might just be out of luck. Which also brings back the point of this post:

On 8/3/2018 at 4:03 AM, Rkiver said:

Company Wifi? Just blacklist the devices if they are privately owned ones and not company ones so they can't connect.


Problem solved.



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More clarification.
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