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GeekPwn cyber contests are debuting at Def Con 26 to extend its mission to fostering a knowledge exchange platform and community for cutting edge security research. These challenges help accelerate new machine learning and IoT applications that enable companies to better fortify their systems and processes. 

Interested participants can find more details below and register at https://wj.qq.com/s/1343875/57eb.

Robot Agent Challenge: August 10 @ 10:00-13:00 | Caesars Palace, Emperors Level

Each pre-qualified team will bring a miniature robot designed to infiltrate a room and breach various smart devices on-site. Teams will remotely manoeuvre the robots to evade laser intrusion detectors and surveillance cameras, install a covert listening device, open a safe by entering the password on a keyboard, and retrieve information in target computers.

CAAD CTF Contest: August 10 @ 10:00-13:09 | Caesars Palace, Emperors Level

Pre-qualified teams will test their image classifiers in six rounds where each team receives a different image to modify for the purposes of tricking another team’s machine learning classifier to mis-classify the image into a specified object of the judges’ choosing. The images are unknown to participants until the contest starts, at which time classifiers will undergo an accuracy test.  

Concurrently taking place online through September is GeekPwn’s CAAD competition, which comprises of three categories for molding AI into attack and defense algorithms dealing with image classification: non-targeted adversarial attack, targeted adversarial attack, and defense against adversarial attack. 

Additionally, GeekPwn’s CAAD Village (Flamingo Hotel, Lake Mead | August 10 & 11) will present a selection of AI security talks and demos from industry researchers that highlight methods for manipulating machine learning classifiers.  

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