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Internet sharing issue with Kali


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Hi all,

I just received my nano device. No problem with the setup. 

However, I can’t manage to get it share internet with Kali (either in virtualbox or with live persistent usb key). 

I downloaded the wp6.sh script. It is running without any problem but still can’t share anything. 

Any help appreciated!



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A ideal might be,

What is your internet settings on the VM, you might have to bridge options to fix that.  Also if you are using it via USB u might have to use the windows tethering part before booting into usb Kali. 


Let us us know if that works

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For now, I forgot using Kali via VM because I did not fix all usb issues.

I using Kali directly from live persistent USB without any problem.

Looking into the script, I think that I am stuck in this infinite loop

until ping $spineappleip -c1 -w1 >/dev/null
        printf "."
        ifconfig $spineapplelan $spineapplehostip netmask $spineapplenmask up &>/dev/null
        sleep 1

because I can't ping properly (however I had access that the web page for the setup initially!)

PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
--- ping statistics ---
44 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100% packet loss, time 44011ms

I checked with ifconfig that bringing up eth0 was ok...




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I give up to have access to the internet with the integrated wifi card and the nano. I don't know how to make both networks sharing anything.

I don't think that I am the only one to have trouble with the wp6 script...

However plugging a WN772N stick directly in the nano gives easy access to internet.

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@Chris2lamb  if its anything like ubuntu then the script doesnt work when Network Manager is running. you have 2 options, Kill Network Manager... or do what i do and dont use the wp6 and just set it up manually.

Plug the nano into your kali machine and wait for it to be detected.

Use network manager to configure the IP manually to, subnet .

Either turn off and on the interface using network manager or unplug and replug nano - confirm ip is

Open up ssh terminal and type in "nm-connection-editor" and select your interface - maybe name it e.g. nano


Browse to ipv4 settings tab and use the drop down menu to select "Shared to other computers"


Either turn off and on the interface using network manager or unplug and replug nano

Browse to Pineapple UI or ssh into nano and check internet connectivity - hopefully sorted.


Don't know about doing this in a VM as I haven't tried it but should work.

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Thanks for taking some time to answer, I tried that but unfortunately no internet access with the internal wifi of my mac running kali.

I suppose that I need some clever iptables command but what I have tried did not make any difference.

However, if I turn off my internal wifi and plug a WN772N stick directly in the nano, it works like a charm!

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