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Symlink from sd to Nano


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when installing packages to the sd via shell ive noticed that they arent working.  It might be a symlink or exporting the path.  with my limited knowledge on this im not quite sure how to move forward without just installing to internal storage.  So here is what I have done

$ opkg update
$ opkg install git -d sd

after the install git i get this error trying to clone a repo

-ash: git: not found

EDIT:  The above has been solved with 

ln -s /sd/usr/bin/git /usr/bin/git


But now the issue ive run into is installing besside-ng from @Zylla repo and trying to symlink from the sd card.  I did the following 

root@Pineapple:/sd/usr/sbin# ln -s besside-ng /usr/sbin/besside-ng

and that did not throw any errors until I tried to run besside-ng from shell and got this

root@Pineapple:~# besside-ng wlan1mon
-ash: besside-ng: Too many levels of symbolic links

Im very new with symlinking and trying to learn because of this sd card and not wanting to take up all the internal storage.  I guess now I need to figure out how to remove symlink because I have to many lol what a morning.  BEER TIME WOOT


EDIT: Last edit, This whole situation has been fixed with a simple $ rm <symlink/path> and then retried the symlink with success.  This time I did it from the root directory and added the full path.

ln -s /sd/usr/sbin/besside-ng /usr/sbin/besside-ng


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2 hours ago, Sebkinne said:

Always use absolute paths with symlinks ?

been a long day learn this lol if only i could symlink a beer to my living room lol 

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Check if /sd/usr/bin and /sd/usr/bin is defined in your PATH variable (defined in /etc/profile/)

I found it was missing on my Nano, causing issues with reaver and other stuff which gets installed there. ?

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