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TETRA as WiFi proxi?


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Hi out there

I was just sitting and considering if it is possibly to simply use the pineapple as a sort of WiFi proxie - a simple mitm Serup - instead of fighting in getting keys just sit in the little and forward everything ?



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Without the keys you couldn't decrypt any traffic so you might be and to do it but it would be worthless. You would also have the problem of you having to be able to talk to the real AP while stopping the victim from doing it.

The only real situation I see this working in is where you have an open network in a different geographic region that you want traffic going through so you listen in your region, tunnel the traffic to a transmitter in the target thin the then play it out.

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Hi Ninja

Sure that this wouldn't work? De-auth the client and when it re-connects intercept the client traffic and forward it to the rael ap - you would (maybe) be able to decrypt the traffic because you would be in the middle and have the needed keys - maybe 

My idea here sounds much to simple but I haven't seen anyone trying this..

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