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Cracking handshake online


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You will need to create an api that passes parameters to some server side code that either uses your own algo or makes a system call to your os to use hashcat. Or just make a simple submission form on a basic webpage. Don't forget port forwarding and securing your exposed machine.

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this wont be hard to do as a ugly dirty function... no live streaming. A simple upload and execute. Nothing fancy.  don't allow duplicate cracking  processes to start or your system will crash...


a more practical approach and safer route. make the upload forum.php then login to ssh and start a screen session. With screen running you can start a background process of hashcat, disconnect and reconnect at later times to view the progress.


I'm working on this type of web interface with live streaming of console based applications like reaver or aircrack and Automation of WPA_supplicant. Its a lot of work and many complicated situations to overcome. I'm using ruby on rails.

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An neat idea for your project is to implement and email system when the cracking is done. If you look up your cell provider information you can send the cracked password as a text message to your phone. it will often look like [phonenumber]@[domain].com. Verizons I believe is vtext.com.

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