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Format USB Drive Phison 2251-03 Controller


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I am looking for assistance on formatting a hand full of USB drives.   

They are 32gb running the Phison Ps2251-03-Q  with two chips of TT57G2LAPA memory.

I have tried several versions of MPall and just about every combination of burner and Firmware that I can find for the 2251-03 chipset.  

I have also tried extracting the firmware from the drive using DriveCom.exe   https://github.com/brandonlw/Psychson

Here is the report of the drive from Chip Genius
Description: [G:]USB Mass Storage Device(TOSHIBA TOSHIBA USB DRV)
Device Type: Mass Storage Device

Protocal Version: USB 3.00
Current Speed: High Speed
Max Current: 504mA

USB Device ID: VID = 0930 PID = 1400

Device Vendor: TOSHIBA
Device Revision: 0100

Manufacturer: TOSHIBA
Product Model: TOSHIBA USB DRV
Product Revision: PMAP

Controller Vendor: Phison
Controller Part-Number: PS2251-03(PS2303) - F/W 01.11.10 [2014-07-04]
Flash ID code: 98DE9493 - Toshiba TC58NVG6DDJTA00 [MLC-16K]   <------- TT57G2LAPA is typed on the chip.


When Running Mpall Phison MPALL v3.63.0C-DL17  it will detect the drive but will throw an error of ID issue 0002 [98 DE 94 93 76 50 8]  

I have found this is an issue with the IDBLK_TIMING.dll being out of date.   If I replace the with the the error will go away and I can attempt to erase the drive.   https://www.usbdev.ru/files/phison/idblktimingdll/


Trying some of the Vendor Tools, Phison Restore Version 3.21 will erase the drive and remove the write protection untill you eject the drive and then the write protection comes back. 



At this point I am stuck.   The only thing I have successfully accomplished is bricking 4 drives. 


Please Help!



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