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Will Nano see WPA3 protocol support?

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@Sebkinne per WPA3 Protocol specifications, it seems that WPA3 will be a strong bit, first of all it uses Simultaneous Authentication of Equals instead of Pre-shared Keys (PSK) making offline brute forcing useless. Moreover, it has this new feature called opportunistic wireless encryption (or simply individualized data encryption), which using 192-bit encryption encrypts the data from being intercepted even though the site doesn't have HTTPS protocol so tools like urlsnarf or driftnet will be no longer a thing. As well, it seems that it adopts Suite-B, stronger cryptographic algorithms so hash cracking will be harder. Oh and there is this thing called Device Provisioning Protocol, which allows easy Internet of Things provisioning but it sounds to me vulnerable. So, will see how that is possible to integrate into WiFi Pineapple NANO. I don't want to purchase a new WiFi Pineapple ?. P.S: there is a new type of WLAN, 802.11ax too.

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We will probably start to see manufacturers ship hardware with WPA3 support in Q2-2019 (My earliest estimate).
I'm not sure if the OpenWRT / LEDE devs. have provided any info about it,  but  i hope they also will backport WPA3-support to earlier units if possible.
For example our units running Chaos Calmer.

I'm not sure if it's feasible, or even possible to backport it to all devices. Like, if it's really hardware demanding, and/or the hardware lacks crypto. stuff to speed up WPA3 processes.

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